I have been working with clay for about 3 years now. I enjoy working with clay because of its versatility and unique qualities. I create roses and other floral arrangements out of porcelain clay. I believe that my work is so appealing to others because of the thin and delicate nature of the flowers. Many people want to touch them and are intrigued by their uniqueness. I create process based work and immerse myself in creating. The tactile experience of clay, and using clay it is a much different experience than using any other art materials. When looking closely at the flowers, you can see each and every one of my individual fingerprints. This small detail serves as a window into the process. Flowers traditionally represent beauty, femininity, and love. The flowers I create are everlasting, and represent strength, eternity and growth. What motivates me the most is creating something that is beautiful and visually relaxing. I want to create a feeling with my artwork. When I look at artwork from artists who inspire me, I have this feeling, and I strive to recreate that for the viewer. This piece is meant to inspire self-reflection and exploration. The emergence of light from dark, emphasized within a quiet space, this final art piece is representative of new life and experience.