Purpose of the Student Support Network

The Student Support Network (SSN) is an initiative of the Springfield College Counseling Center. Its purpose is to help you feel more comfortable providing support to others in your everyday life, connect you with other SSN members, and become familiar with resources on campus, such as the Counseling Center staff.

What is the SSN?

The SSN is a six-session training program originally developed by Worcester Polytechnic Institute. It is designed to do the following.

  • Help you recognize when your peers are in distress
  • Improve your confidence in reaching out to your peers for support
  • Help you provide support
  • Help you to connect students with available resources

What the SSN is Not

The SSN is not meant to be a peer counseling or peer education program. It is simply meant to help you better support those around you in your everyday life.

Who is a good fit for the SSN?

One of the unique things about the SSN is that any student can be a good fit. The trainings are targeted for any student that you would go to in a moment of need or any student that is interested in learning how to better support his or her peers.

What did previous SSN members find helpful?

Previous students who have participated in the SSN trainings have found the program to help with the following.

  • Learning how to be confident
  • Learning how to listen better
  • Getting different views on how to help


If you would like to nominate yourself or another student to participate in the Student Support Network trainings, please contact the Counseling Center at (413) 748-3345 or counselingcenter@springfieldcollege.edu..

The Counseling Center at Springfield College