It is a distinct honor to be chosen as the 2016 recipient of The Tarbell Medallion.

My life has been shaped by a wonderful family and supported by teachers, coaches, administrators, thousands of students and friends who have provided guidance, encouragement, joy, challenges and a passion to live a full life.
Headshot of Bridget Belgiovine

Fifty two years ago I would have been considered an "odds on favorite" not to last one year at the college. I knew Springfield was the YMCA school, and if I wanted to become a Physical Education teacher than Springfield was the place to attend. Having no interest in Physical Education or the YMCA, I knew my stay was intended to be a short one. It was merely a way to get out of the Bronx.
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Thank you very much for selecting me for the 2016 Distinguished Alumnus Award. I am well aware that, throughout Springfield College’s existence, only about 110 alumni have been selected for this prestigious honor. For me, this award is truly the highlight of my academic career which spans over 45 years.
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Tarbell Medallion

The Tarbell Medallion, a facsimile of R. Tate McKenzie’s “The Joy of Effort,” first presented in 1935 as a gift from Edward Norris Tarbell, Class of 1889 and given annually to an alumnus or alumna out of school at least twenty years who has demonstrated varied outstanding service over a period of time to his or her alma mater. Candidates will have also demonstrated dedication to the Humanics philosophy.

Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award

Established by the Class of 1940 in 1966. Individuals receiving this award are honored for professional excellence, outstanding achievement in their chosen field, and recognized for their service to others. Candidates must be out of college for a minimum of ten years.

Young Alumnus/a Award

Established by the Class of 1966 in 1974 and presented to a graduate in the tenth reunion class in recognition of professional excellence and outstanding service to the College, community, state, and/or nation.


To nominate an alumnus/a, please provide the following information: your name, class year, phone number, email address, name of nominee, nominee’s class year, and the award(s) for you which you are nominating. Please also include any supporting information and credentials. Submissions are confidential. Nominees must not be informed of their nomination. As only the nominator should know the nominee has been submitted, it is inappropriate for references to be provided or lobbying for a particular candidate to occur for any of the awards. The nomination deadline for the 2017 awards process is Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

Nominations may be submitted through the online form below, emailed to or mailed to: Office of Alumni Relations, Springfield College, 263 Alden Street, Springfield, MA 01109.