Experience AmeriCorps

The mission of Springfield College is to educate students in spirit, mind, and body for leadership in service to others. As a member of the Springfield College AmeriCorps program, you'll live and share this mission, engaging in service that meets the critical educational needs of Springfield youth. 

Through the Massachusetts Reading Corps and School Turnaround Initiative programs, you can serve in Springfield schools and early education centers (grades PreK through 12), where you can facilitate interventions targeting risk factors that lead to dropping out of school, including poor early literacy skills, low attendance, behavioral/disciplinary issues, and course failure in English and math.

Our program offers resources to help you succeed in these environments. We provide extensive training and support around evidenced-based practices and interventions in education and literacy, ensuring that members have a meaningful service experience that positively impacts the academic success of children in Springfield.

And, there are plenty of ways you can make your mark. You can serve part-time, completing 900 hours as a student support specialist, literacy tutor, or LACES academic coach, or full-time, completing 1,700 hours as a literacy tutor. 

So how can you become involved? AmeriCorps members are selected and placed based on previous experience, academic program, and applicable skills. Learn more about which positions are available or how to apply

The Springfield College AmeriCorps Program

"Getting Things Done" Josh Schupack
Josh Schupack, AmeriCorps member
2009-10, 2010-11

"The Springfield College AmeriCorps program creates a true representation of leadership in service. As a member of this Corps, I have learned real community action skills to move forward with future service that I intend on doing. This program has helped me deepen my understanding of service and has re-lit a fire in me to continue to want to be involved with at-risk youth."