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At Springfield College, being healthy in spirit, mind, and body is a way of life—and we need people who are passionate about understanding the complex relationships between food and health.

That’s where you come in.  As a student majoring in nutritional sciences, you’ll become an independent thinker and problem solver who is ready to address nutrition-related challenges in food choices, food supply, and food security.  Our program, which is a non-dietetics track major, is grounded in the sciences and will help you not just understand nutrition, but be able to communicate what you’ve learned to others. 

The major will prepare you for your choice of graduate programs in nutritional sciences and dietetics, or employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors, including in the areas of community nutrition, corporate or public health, wellness, food service management, nutrition education, research, and sales. 

A student looks on as another student has body composition measurements done in the BodPod.
A student takes measurements of skin fat on another student.
Students working together to assess food intake and food models to help better understand nutritional sciences.
A student reads the body composition results of another student who is in the BodPod.
High-tech Equipment and Hands-on Experience

Our Human Performance Lab is extremely well-equipped, providing you the unique opportunity to use some high-tech equipment to conduct thorough nutrition assessments. As a nutritional sciences major, you will be trained to use the BodPod and Bioelectrical impedance analysis, which allows for quick and reliable body composition measurements (i.e., percentage of body fat). You'll also learn about using skinfold calipers, food models, and indirect calorimetry. In the lab, you'll explore nutrition topics that intrigue you, which will help as you design and conduct your own research study as part of your senior thesis in nutrition. The best part? You'll gain hands-on experience for your resume before graduation so you'll be prepared for your next steps.

Studying Nutritional Sciences At Springfield College