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Graduate Student Works With Students in the Physical Education Graduate ProgramSpringfield College has been an influential center for the study of physical education, sport, and athletics for more than a century. Its long history and groundbreaking research in the area of sport and exercise studies affords graduate students a level of specialization available at few other educational institutions. Springfield College has a reputation for providing superior preparation and producing outstanding physical educators, coaches, athletic administrators, and researchers. Master’s and doctoral graduates in physical education are often highly sought-after candidates for leadership positions within these fields.

Programs in physical education and health education involve coursework from many subject areas including pedagogy, motor learning and development, sport psychology, sport sociology, and athletic administration. This multidisciplinary academic approach, combined with in-depth research and solid fieldwork experience, lays the foundation for the future success of Springfield College graduates.

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For additional information, contact:
Michelle Moosbrugger, Ph.D.
Graduate Program Coordinator
Phone: (413) 748-3486


Recent Publications, Presentations, and Research by PEHE Department Faculty and Graduate Students


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Fall 2013 MAHPERD Convention – Worcester, MA

  • Dr. Linda Davis-Delano (faculty) – MA Educator Evaluation System Implications for Physical Educators: Springfield College Physical Education Assessment Task Force
  • Dr. Patricia McDiarmid (faculty) – Just for the Health of it! and PE MTEL Exam: Tips for Success!
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mullin (faculty) – Teaching Athletes Focus to Increase Return on Investment
  • Mackenzie Vita (Master’s student in Adapted Physical Education), Lauren Bean and Francesca Mazzola (Master’s students in Physical Education: Initial Licensure), and Dr. Michelle Moosbrugger (faculty) – Facilitating Student Learning through Evidence-based Teaching
  • Tracy Trachsler (Ph.D. student) – Extension of a Physical Education Instructional Model into Sport Practices
  • Staci Andrews and Tracy Trachsler (Ph.D. students) and Susan Sotir (adjunct faculty) – Team Building Activities for Sport Education Units

Spring 2014 Eastern District Association – Newport, RI

  • Suanne Maurer-Starks, Kimberly Wise, James Leone, Dr. Shannon Whalen (faculty) - Is your Program Catastrophic Ready?

Spring 2014 AAHPERD/SHAPE Convention – St. Louis, MO

  • Dr. Patricia McDiarmid (faculty) and Ryan Zimmerman (Ph.D. student) – Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners (ELLs) in Health Classrooms
  • Liye Zou (Ph.D. student) – Membership Preference among Chinese Martial Arts Participants
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mullin (faculty) – Relationship of Heterosexism and Team Cohesion in Women’s Collegiate Athletics and Psychometrics of the Heterosexist Attitudes in Sport-Lesbian Scale

Theses and Dissertations

  • Louie Bernardini - Non-Sport Related Student Misconduct and Policies at the Division III Level
  • Iain Bradbury - The Effect of Radar Gun Augmented Feedback on Consistency of the Volleyball Float Serve of Intercollegiate Volleyball Players
  • Perry Wright - Decision and Movement Reinvestment among Collegiate Athletes with Tendencies to Choke
  • Hai Huang - Effects of Different Types of Knowledge of Performance on Acquisition, Retention, and Transfer Performance of a Sport Skill in College Students
  • Rose Angell - Using a Didactic Approach to Examine High School Students’ Acquisition of Fitness Knowledge
  • Steven Groccia - Examining the Ecology of a Youth Development through Sport Program