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Graduate Art Therapy/Counseling Program

Approved by the American Art Therapy Association, the art therapy master's degree is a comprehensive program designed to train art therapists through a course of study that blends theory, technique, and practice. In the tradition of Springfield College’s Humanics philosophy, students are educated in an art therapy curriculum incorporating diverse experiences of the Springfield College academic community, with the focus on the development of the total person through spirit, mind, and body. The courses are required in a sequential manner to build knowledge. Students are given a copy of the learning objectives for the program during their first semester of graduate study.

The Springfield College Graduate Art Therapy Program has received renewed accreditation from the Educational Program Approval Board of the American Art Therapy Association (AATA), the national accrediting agency for graduate art therapy education programs. The reaccreditation is for seven years, ending in 2017. The AATA reaccreditation report cited excellent faculty, preparation for clinical practice, and balance of studio art and research as strengths of the program. Students graduating from AATA-approved programs are able to obtain the Registered Art Therapist (ATR) credential, broadening their employment opportunities.

The Graduate Art Therapy Programs provide a synthesis of our major components:

  1. Art therapy
  2. Psychology
  3. Development of the student's artistic and creative skills
  4. Training in research methodology

Students develop an understanding of the variances in typical art development before they work with problems and pathology.