Admissions Financial Aid

Financial Aid

All information in the student financial aid application file is considered confidential. Disclosure of family financial information is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. The financial aid staff does not discuss details of the student’s application with persons other than the student. If other individuals acting on behalf of the student are to have access to this information, a confidential release form, available upon request, must be on file with the Office of Financial Aid.

Financial aid staff work closely with the bursar in the management of student accounts and are authorized to develop payment plans with students.

Academic Standing and Financial Aid

Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative average in graduate-level course work. Full-time students are expected to complete 18 credit hours per academic year. Academic reviews are conducted each semester. Students accepted to a graduate program on a probationary basis may apply for a federal Stafford Loan during this initial probationary semester of study. Students placed on or continue on probation as a result of their graduate academic record at the College are not eligible for College or federal financial assistance, including student loans.

Information about the expected amount of student debt load varies, depending on the type of loan(s) a student obtains, the student's intended course of study, and the student's need to borrow. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for further information.