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Professor of Psychology
  • Psychological aspects of sport injury
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Career and work psychology
  • Psychology of diversity
  • Social justice and advocacy
  • Coping and identity
Professor of Psychology
Professor of Psychology, Chair of Department of Psychology
Allison Cumming-McCann, Psychology
Administrative Assistant
Associate Professor of Psychology, Director of Counseling Psychology Program
  • Prevention
  • Social justice
  • Prevention and interpersonal violence
  • Spirituality
  • Multicultural training
Sally Hage, Director of the PsyD Program
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Research Coordinator of Counseling Psychology Doctor of Psychology Program
  • Self- and identity- development
  • Multicultural counseling
  • Critical and feminist theories and applications


Professor of Psychology
Professor of Psychology
  • Effective teaching
  • Critical thinking
  • Mentoring
Associate Professor of Psychology, Director of Undergraduate Psychology Program
  • Adolescent and emerging adult sexual and romantic relationship development
  • Sexual orientation/identity development
  • Narrative identity studies and methodologies
Professor of Psychology
  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Psychopharmacology
  • School Violence Prevention Program Development and Training
  • Stress and Law Enforcement Officers
  • Psychological Aspects of Disasters
  • Humor
Professor of Psychology
  • Empathy in the therapeutic relationship
  • Integrative health care
  • Intersection between narrative accounts and counseling
Professor of Psychology, Director of the Center for Youth Development and Research
  • Youth development through sport
  • Career development
  • Transitions
  • The role of counseling in the application of sport psychology
Professor of Psychology
  • Competencies in Conflict Management and Mediation
  • Factors Related to Group Development and Group Performance
  • Talent Acquisition and Talent Management
Michael Surrette
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Director of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Understanding diversity and inclusion dynamics in systems
  • Leadership from the domestic and global perspectives
  • Organizational change
  • Negotiation
  • Women of color career development
Mia Tran
Professor of Psychology
  • Self-talk
  • Professional issues in sport and exercise psychology
  • Mental warmup
Professor of Research and Statistics
  • Research methods and designs
  • Measurement theory and application
  • Statistics, program evaluation
  • Student assessment