Springfield College Fund

This project is important because it gives back to the community and it builds character
It’s good to get involved in a selfless act that benefits the community and makes everyone come together like a family. It shows what Springfield College stands for.
It makes you feelgood to knowyou’re helpinga communitythat is in direneed of food.It completes themission statement.

You know that your gift to the Springfield College Fund supports students who are committed to the mission of Springfield College, but did you know that a first-year student’s commitment begins before they have even had their first class?

Students at the 2015 Summer Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) event participated in their first community service project this summer, preparing meals and daily necessities for Friends of the Homeless and students at Elias Brookings Elementary School. This project will be the first of many opportunities to build a lifelong identity with the history, mission, and values of Springfield College.

Your gift to the Springfield College Fund ensures students have access to the financial aid, resources, and support to carry on our mission of educating the whole person—spirit, mind, and body—for leadership in service to others.

About the Springfield College Fund

Tuition covers only about two thirds of the actual cost of educating a Springfield College student. The Springfield College Fund helps to bridge the gap between tuition and other income and the actual cost of education. That means we rely on the generosity of yearly gifts from alumni, family and friends like you to keep the college strong. It takes thousands of donors giving what they can to help bridge the gap.

Springfield College students of every generation have benefited from the generations that came before – from the traditions they created, their intellectual contributions, and their generous support.

"They want to give because they want the school to be better, but they also care about the quality of life of the students." —Jacqueline Valliere ’12 Recreation Management Major