About This Program

Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies

With an international reputation as a leader in the field of exercise science, Springfield College was one of the first institutions in the United States to develop the applied exercise science major. So, we know our stuff.

The major emphasizes that physical activity is inextricably linked to good health, and focuses on a preventing health problems. The curriculum has a strong science base, including courses in exercise physiology, exercise prescription for normal and special populations, measurement, nutrition, and management. 

In this major, you’ll learn to prescribe exercise programs for a wide range of populations interested in physical fitness, and to develop, implement, and interpret fitness and health assessments and maintenance programs for individuals and groups. 

We also offer three concentrations, including clinical, which prepares you for a career in health care; fitness management and personal training, which prepares you for a career in commercial fitness; and sports performance, which prepares you for a career improving the performance of athletes of all ages and ability levels.

Studying Applied Exercise Science At Springfield College