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Choose a specialization in American studies, English, or mathematics and computer technology.

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Springfield College’s renowned reputation for preparing leaders in human-helping professions, like teaching, offers an exceptional educational experience for individuals committed to dedicating their lives to educating children.

Undergraduate students seeking to gain the professional skills and knowledge that are required to work with elementary students as a classroom or special education teacher will benefit greatly from this dual program. The combination of coursework and real-world, hands-on learning gives dual licensure graduates the preparation and the confidence they need to manage a wide range of classroom experiences.

Through working in inclusion classrooms, students become highly skilled and effective elementary classroom teachers, and will learn a wide variety of teaching strategies. Most importantly, they’ll graduate with the know-how and ability to meet the needs of all children. They’ll learn from experienced faculty who are passionate about continuing to advance and strengthen the teaching profession at the elementary level.

Studying Elementary and Special Education At Springfield College

Aspiring Teacher Housing Award

The Aspiring Teacher Housing Award is given to a select 25 students accepted to teacher preparation programs at Springfield College. This award covers the cost of a double room in selected residence halls on campus for the four undergraduate years. 

Springfield College Student On-site Working at a Local School.