Why Study the Social Sciences?
Why Study the Social Sciences and Social Work?

Are you interested in culture, criminal justice, history, social work, and psychology? Well, we’re glad you landed on this page. At Springfield College, our social sciences and social work majors and programs allow you to gain a deep understanding of the world we live in, the people we share it with, and how you can help both. Our academic offerings allow for a variety of areas of study, so you can follow your dream of becoming a police officer, a psychologist, a social worker, a campaign manager, a teacher, or numerous other careers in human-helping fields. For those interested in social work, we have a School of Social Work, which offers Master of Social Work programs.

Social Work and Social Sciences programs we offer

American Studies Education Major | Teacher licensure option
Art Therapy Major | Minor
Athletic Counseling Master's Concentration
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master's Concentration
Community Counseling Psychology Non-traditional and Adult Students
Community Youth Development and Leadership Non-traditional and Adult Students
Criminal Justice Non-traditional and Adult Students
Criminal Justice Major | Minor
General Counseling and Casework Master's Concentration
History Major | Minor
History Education Major | Teacher licensure option
Human Services Non-traditional and Adult Students | Major
Human Services (Master's Degree) Non-traditional and Adult Students | Master's Program
Mental Health Counseling Non-traditional and Adult Students
Psychology Major | Minor
Religion Minor
School Counseling Master's Concentration
Social Work Master's Program
Sociology Major | Minor