Springfield College recommends that you pursue the strongest college preparatory program available in your secondary school.

Your course distribution should include four years of English, three years of math (through Algebra 2), two years of history or social science, three years of a lab science*, and two-consecutive years of foreign language. If your intended major requires extensive science preparation, you should take at least one additional laboratory science course.

You should also participate in a diverse set of cocurricular activities in high school, particularly in areas related to your intended field of study. Such activities might include athletic teams, cultural groups, or community service agencies.

We will look for an underlying motivation to develop strong interpersonal skills.

College Entrance Examinations

  • The SAT examination of the College Board.
  • The ACT examination of the American College Testing Program is also acceptable.

See your guidance counselor for dates.

*Transfer students with 15 or more college credits are not required to submit college entrance examination scores.


We encourage all applicants to participate in an interview with a member of our alumni community.

If the applicant is unable to arrange a personal visit to campus, the alumni interviewer must complete and return the attached Alumnus/a Interview Report directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Download the form.

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