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The Springfield College Strategic Plan

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Pathway to the Future

Phase Two

Strategic planning for a dynamic environment like Springfield College requires stability, agility, and adaptability. Stability comes from our Humanics mission and our commitment to educating students in spirit, mind, and body for leadership in service to others. Agility and adaptability allow us to respond to opportunities as they arise in the marketplace, woven through our mission, and with a commitment to ensuring the College’s strong future.

Our experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic shape this next phase of strategic planning. Being thoughtful and bold in our planning is imperative so that Springfield College remains a top choice for prospective students and employees.

The overarching priority is ensuring that Springfield College remains financially strong and stable, with our decisions and choices guided by our mission and the needs of our students, particularly those from marginalized groups. 

These themes serve an organizing function, promoting the cross-divisional activity that is so vital to our effectiveness.


Together, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Sustainable Foundation underpin the present and future Springfield College. As a result, they are the foundation of the next phase of the plan and are integrated through all that we do. Each office, department, division, and individual commit to and share responsibility for ensuring that the College’s organizational capacity is maximized and that the climate and culture of the campus is welcoming and affirming for all.

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