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Athletic Counseling

Primary Responsibilities:

Primary responsibilities must be associated with teaching and/or research. The fellow must be engaged and working with the faculty member to assist in lab or classroom instruction.  Duties may include any of the following:

  • Primary or secondary responsibility for classroom or laboratory instruction.
  • Responsibility for tutoring or assisting students who need additional help or resources.
  • Responsibility for grading quizzes/tests/ or course assignments.
  • Responsibility for creating instructional materials for the course; including the development or rubrics.
  • Assisting the faculty member with research, including assisting in data collection or analysis of data.

The graduate fellow will assist the Athletic Counseling Program Director to support and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the program.  Specifically, the graduate fellow will assist the program director in the areas of recruitment and retention, which may include: representing program at open houses and off campus recruiting events, following up on inquiries and applications, participating in interviews and monitoring enrollment, supporting current students and the program through organizing, supporting and scheduling advising, community building, social and academic events, scheduling and maintaining regular office hours, developing or administering special projects in areas relevant to progressing the graduate program, representing the program at internal and external meetings, events, organizational meetings and conferences, and assisting in development of program materials, such as course information, program brochures, supplementary input, social media presence or Web site, as requested by program director. The graduate fellow will assist in the coordination and record keeping pertaining to fieldwork assignments and will also support the program director in research activities including attending and taking minutes for Research Team and assisting with program evaluation and assessment of the graduate program objectives and outcomes.

Secondary Responsibilities: 

Secondary responsibilities can include administrative tasks.  However these tasks cannot constitute the majority of the responsibilities of the fellow (generally not to exceed 35 or 40 percent).  Duties can include:

  • Administrative responsibilities associated with recruitment of students;
  • Administrative responsibilities associated with preparing to take students out into community settings.
  • Assisting the faculty member with doing administrative duties associated with research, such as data entry. 
  • Other office management tasks, such as copying, filing, etc.

The graduate fellow will create, maintain, and enter information into databases as requested and will manage paper or electronic filing systems, record information, make copies, update paperwork, and maintain documents, such as student-related work, correspondences (internal and external), and other materials associated with program-related work. The fellow will maintain scheduling and event calendars for program as requested. The graduate fellow will maintain the program bulletin board and will teach classes or substitute for program faculty, as requested.

Fellowship Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications: 

Bachelor's degree required. Applicant should be well organized and self-motivated.

Position Requirements:

Must be an advanced (second year) graduate student enrolled full time in the Athletic Counseling Master’s Program. This position is not open to first year graduate students.