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Education Department Graduate Fellow

Primary Responsibilities:

The graduate fellow (GF) has teaching responsibilities related to EDUC 250 – Child and Adolescent Growth and Development. The GF assists with the weekly planning for and implementation of break out groups. S/he oversees placement and feedback for the service learning component of the course.  The GF is responsible for reading and responding to weekly journal prompts related to the service experience.  The GF, along with the field supervisor, determines each student’s grade for the service learning component of the course.

In addition, the GF has “first read” responsibilities for EDUC 237 – Multicultural Education.  This is a writing across the curriculum course and the GF is charged with applying the rubric to the weekly papers and suggesting grammatical modifications. The GF does not assign a grade but serves as a peer reviewer.

The GF is the first point of contact for a student who misses class due to an excused absence and s/he reviews course material and assignments with these students.  During the GF’s office hours s/he is responsible for providing additional support to students in the 5 sections of these two courses. 

During office hours the GF can be assigned to assist faculty members with the location and collection of research articles as well as the data collection and organization process.

Secondary Responsibilities: 

The Graduate Fellow is called upon to present a student’s perspective for updates to website and marketing materials.  The GF works with the student aids to ensure that syllabi are reflective of the content and format required by SC and that the course descriptions are fully aligned with the catalogue. 

Fellowship Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications: 

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in order to work effectively with students, faculty and field sites
  • Knowledge and interest in adult development
  • Possess great organizational skills

Position Requirements:

The Fellow must be a full-time graduate student at Springfield College in good standing and in a field of study related to the Fellowship.  Preference is given to students from Teacher /Guidance licensure programs or those students In the Higher Education Psychology track. Valid Driver’s license and the ability to obtain driver safety certification.