Undergraduate FAQs | Springfield College

What is the best way for me to get a feel for the campus?

Joining us for an in-person or virtual visit is the best way to picture yourself as a student at Springfield College. We offer a number of visit options depending on your comfort level. You can join us any Monday through Saturday for either an in-person informational session or a virtual one. Our in-person visits consist of an informational session with a member of our admissions staff followed by a guided tour of campus. There also are a number of recorded sessions and tours of campus that are available right on our website. Learn more and register for your visit at springfield.edu/visit.

How do I go about scheduling an interview with the admissions office staff?

Please reach out to admissions@springfield.edu or call (413) 748-3136 to request an interview. You will be connected with a member of our admissions team to schedule an in-person or virtual interview. Want to know who your admissions counselor is? Visit springfield.edu/admissions to meet our staf

What is the difference between Early Action and Early Decision?

Springfield College offers Early Decision 1 or 2, as well as rolling admissions, for any students who are interested in applying. We do require all of our physician assistant applicants to apply Early Decision. Early Decision is a binding agreement between the student, their parent or guardian, and their counselor that essentially means if you are accepted to Springfield College, you will submit your enrollment deposit to Springfield College and withdraw your applications to all other schools. Students should only apply as Early Decision to one school. Note: If you are not accepted to your intended major, or are accepted and your financial aid package makes it so that you would not be able to attend, you will not be required to uphold that Early Decision agreement.

When will I find out if I am accepted or not?

We operate on a rolling admissions basis, which means that once we receive all of your application materials, your application moves into review and we do our best to get a decision to you as quickly as possible. Should you be accepted to Springfield College, we send notification to the staff in our Office of Financial Aid and they begin packaging your financial aid award—if your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has been received.

Early Decision 1 candidates are guaranteed an admissions decision by Feb. 1. Early Decision 2 candidates are guaranteed an admissions decision by March 1

Are SAT/ACT scores required for applicants?

Springfield College is test optional for all programs. If students submit test scores, they can be sent directly to our office at admissions@springfield.edu. Additional credentials, including letters of recommendation and any additional information can be emailed to admissions@springfield.edu.

I want to play a sport in college, but I’m not sure how to get in contact with the coach.

The easiest way to reach out to a coach is via the athletics website at springfield.edu/athletics. All coaches have contact information available, so you can either call or email them. There also is a recruitment form if you would like to be recruited. You can access and complete the recruitment form on our athletics web page

How do I access PrideNET and/or my Springfield College Gmail account? Is this the same place as my financial aid portal?

Should you be offered admission to Springfield College, you will receive an email from our Technology Solutions Center following your acceptance. This email will be sent to your personal email address on record and will include instructions to sign into your PrideNET account, including your username and password. Through PrideNET, you’ll have access to your Springfield College email account, or as we like to call it, your PrideMail.

One week following your admissions decision, you’ll receive two emails to your Springfield College email address from our Office of Financial Aid. One email will contain your ID and the other will include your Web ID to set up your financial aid account. A third email will be sent to your personal email address on record letting you know of the important emails that were sent to your Springfield College email address

My school went pass/fail during Covid. Will this affect my application negatively?

We understand that many schools changed their grading system as a result of the pandemic and switched to remote learning. As a result, we will accept Pass, Credit, and Satisfactory grades for the semesters disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.