The Springfield College Archives and Special Collections is pleased to announce the newest collection available to our students and researchers: the Springfield College Armed Forces Collection.

The Springfield College Armed Forces Collection contains correspondence, drawings, enlistment records, mailing lists, photographs, publications, and scrapbooks that showcase campus during wartime. In particular, the collection speaks to the College’s ties with the YMCA during World War I.

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Many of our Alumni are on active duty with the military devoting themselves tokeeping this great nation free. We would like to, as was done during DesertStorm, create a communications network among our Springfield College familymembers on active duty. If you are or you know a member of the SpringfieldCollege family on active duty and would like to be in touch with otherSpringfield College family members currently serving in the Armed Forces, e-mail (, fax (413-748-3053) or snail mail your name, class,year and all military contact information to us. Your information will be sharedwith others who respond. Who knows, there may be another SpringfieldCollege alum right in your unit!

In the meantime, thank you for your service to our country. Springfield Collegeis proud to claim you among its alumni.

Andrew Covington '10 on April 30, 2015 wrote:

I would just like to pass along my military bio so I can connect and share with fellow military SC Alums.
I am a First Lieutenant in the United States Army JAG Corps Reserve. I am currently assigned to the 3rd Legal Operations Detachment. I am Certified by the United States Army to practice military justice, civil and administrative law, contract and fiscal law, and international and operational law. Currently, I provide legal assistance to soldiers and veterans on a variety of issues such as family law, creditor/debtor rights, landlord-tenant, and income tax issues.

Thank you!


Andy Covington
Class of 2010
I will be at the upcoming reunion.
Northwestern District Attorney's Office
One Gleason Plaza| Northampton, MA 01060
Office 413.437.5700| Fax 413.584.3635"

Lt. Col. Dan Zulli '77 Chaplain, stationed at the 502 Air Base Wing, Joint Base San Antonio, Texas.

Major Marcus W.Williams '90, Instructor/Inspector of a USMS ReserveCompany(Weapons) is responsible for keeping the Reservists ready to bedeployed. To be in a position to do this he must know the rules andprocedures for the various theaters of operation. He has been summoned toCamp Fuji,Japan,for a planning conference. One can speculate that theconference deals with Pacific and oriental theaters but perhaps it is alltheaters. When he returns we shall find out. The common thread from all thosewho have been in Iraq is that the American people have not been given thetruth. Apparently things are going quite well but one would not know that fromTV. I presume that "good news" does not sell papers or get viewers. Marc'sReserve Company has been to Iraq, before Marc took over.

Tom Flaherty '93 (Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class) wrote on September 19, "Just returned from 18 months mobilization to active duty, back in reservestatus with U.S. Navy. Served as imagery analyst at the Office of NavalIntelligence, Washington, DC. Looking into getting reserve commission. Wouldlove to hear from any SC grads with military backgrounds." Tom's e-mail

David McEttrick G'03 (LT JG) - After completing boot camp in Newport, Davewill be continuing his military training in Pensacola where he will work inaerospace physiology. Dave's e-mail is

Rick Davis '72 wrote on July 22 that his Army Reserve unit had beenmobilized. He would enjoy hearing from other SC grads at the followingaddress: SSG Rick Davis, 7238th USA MSU. e-mail

Leo H. Mahoney '80 wrote on July 7, 2003 that he entered the US Armythrough the Army Baylor Program in Physical Therapy.

"Nine tours of duty and over twenty years later, I find myself still in camouflageas Chief Physical Therapy at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) -located in the German State of Rheinland-Pfalz, 7 miles west of Kaiserslauternand 3 miles south of Ramstein Air Base. LRMC is the largest American hospitaloutside of the United States, and the only American tertiary hospital in Europe.We routinely provide primary and tertiary care, hospitalization, and treatmentfor more than 100,000 American military personnel and their families within thecenter's boundaries. LRMC also provides specialized care for the more than250,000 additional American military personnel and their families in theEuropean Theater.

"However, things all changed after 11 September 2001!

To date, LRMC has performed superlatively in the incredibly demanding andongoing mission to provide medical treatment to over 2,300 casualties injuredduring Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation IraqiFreedom in Iraq and Kuwait. On a daily basis we evaluate and treat numerousgun shot, shrapnel, motor vehicle, burn and other injuries - falls, near drowningand parachute landing falls. All of our POW's have come through LRMC. Thework is long and hard, but I feel both a great sense of personal reward andpride to be doing my part in helping to support our soldiers, marines, sailorsand airmen. And, when the work is done for the day, I feel truly blessed to gohome to my wife, Louise, and our 9 year old son, Leo III.

Leo H. Mahony, LTC, SP
Chief, Physical Therapy, LRMC
Physical Therapy Consultant, ERMC"

Mark R. Savarese '77, wrote on 4/10 that he is presently engaged in thePersian Gulf aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard commanding all UnitedStates Marine Corps AV-8B Harriers and flying combat sorties in support of thePresident's effort to combat global terrorism, free the Iraqi people, as well aspreserve our way of life at home.

"It was a nice break to read about my alma mater on the "Springfield CollegeMassasoit Monthly" and all the wonderful events back home, SpringfieldCollege leading the pack, I would expect no less. Thank you again for sendingit.

Semper Fidelis,

Colonel Mark R. Savarese '77
United States Marine Corps
Commanding Officer
Marine Aircraft Group 13
USs Bonhomme Richard

Raleigh H. Meiser '76, Marine Corps Lt. Col., recently departed to theMediterranean Sea and Arabian Gulf while assigned to the 2nd MarineDivision based in Camp Lejeune, NC. Meiser's unit is the ground combatelement of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary .

Marcus W. Williams '90 wrote on September 24th:

"Alumni Relations Office,

Thanks for your efforts to recognize our Military men & women who sacrificeso much everyday. For what it's worth I've attached my BIO. Hope all is wellback East."

April 14, 2004: Major Marcus W.Williams,1990, served 44 days in Iraq withMKarine Corps Headquarters. Then served as Aide De Camp to theCommanding Officer, Marine Corps Pacific, during the planning for the IraqWar. He was than released from combat arms to beInstructor/inspector(commanding officer) of a weapons company reservecenter, Port Hueneme, CA.

Major Williams has been invited to planning sessions at Okinawa and Korea.

Major Marcus Williams USMC '90
Inspector-Instructor Weapons Company 2d BN
23d Marines 4832 Pacific Rd
Bdlg 6 Port Hueneme, CA 93043
(805) 982-3310

April 2003: Major Headquarters Company of the First Marine Divisionsomewhere in Iraq war zone, as reported by his parents. As of 4/18 MajorWilliams has gone South to be the RCT-1 liaison to the 82nd Airborne for a fewdays. Also on 4/18 major Williams was seen w/ General Tommy Franks andother officers on T.V. newscasts. His e-mail address

Thomas Keating '69, CDR, Naval Criminal Investigative Services sent hisinformation as follows:

"Hi Tamie, still over here at the Tip of the Spear but hope to be relieved andreturn in April. Will still be with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service basedin Newport, RI through Sept.

best regards,
CDR Tom Keating"

Col. Jay Daley '77 wrote on 3/27/03 that his information has remained thesame.

"Tamie, I am a 77 grad (w/BS) of Springfield College. I am on active dutyserving with the Massachusetts Army National Guard. I have been on activeduty for 18+ years. My duty position is the Assistant Chief of Staff.Headquarters. State Area Command, Milford, MA I am a lieutenant colonel,infantry branch. I can be reached via e-mail— or(work/commercial) 508-233-6510."

Douglas Hickey sent the following:

"Hello, I am responding to your letter regarding SC alumni with militaryconnections. I am currently on reserve status with the Navy after havingserved 5 years as a diver in Hawaii. Many changes have taken place and I amlooking at further options within the military. Feel free to post my currentinformation:

Douglas Hickey '92
20 Brookfield Dr.
East Hartford, CT 06118

Thank you."

Lance E. Hylander sent the following:

"Good Day from European Command, Stuttgart, Germany:

I am a 1975 MEd/CSGS graduate of Springfield College. I am an Army Reserveofficer currently on Active Guard and Reserve Duty with European Command. Ihave been on active duty since 1984 working primarily with the Army Reserveunits and mobilized Army Reserve soldiers. My wife Lynda (Hammarstrom) andI are both Springfield College graduates and would be pleased to hear fromother SC military members.

Best regards,

COL Lance E. Hylander, USAR
EUCOM Reserve Affairs
Plans and Policy
DSN 430-4495"

Scott Heaney '96, Captain USMC, is with 15th MEU/1st Battalion, 1st MarinesLogistics Officer in Pakistan and Afghanistan October 2001-January 2002. Firstunit in Camp Rhino and Kandahar. Scott is moving to Okinawa June 2002.

John K. Young '75 wrote on 3/27/03 - "We are here, life is good and we loveAmerica...and if there is any question about just how good Americans abroad....vr, Col. jky."

Colonel John K. Young '75
Assistant Wing Commander
1st Marine Aircraft Wing
Unit 37101
FPO, AP 96603-7101

Bob Froelicher '80 wrote on 4/1/03 that he has been working for the Morale,Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Department for the US Navy since 1991, bothashore and on board an aircraft carrier. He is the MWR Director at NavalSupport Activity, Gaeta, Italy and will be stationed there for the next 3-5 years.