AmeriCorps Benefits

You may be wondering why you should get involved with AmeriCorps. Benefits of AmeriCorps service include:

  • A rewarding service year in the Springfield community
  • Loan forbearance/interest accrual and workers’ compensation
  • A living allowance and an education award
  • Networking and professional development opportunity

Living Allowance and Education Award

Position Type Hours Requirement Living Allowance* Education Award**
Half-time 900 Up to $6,500 Up to $3,047.50
Quarter-time 450 Up to $3,250 Up to $1,612.43
All amounts are pre-tax.
*Living allowance is disbursed over the 10 months of active service (September-June).
**Upon successful completion of service, this award from the Corporation for National and Community Service can be applied toward qualified student loans or tuition, and is valid for seven years. Older than 55 years old? You can transfer your Education Award to a child or grandchild. Find out more here.

Loan Forbearance/Interest Accrual

AmeriCorps members may request forbearance on qualified student loans, postponing their loan payments during their term of service. The National Service Trust will repay a portion of the interest accrued on qualified student loans during the term of service.

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