Name & Synopsis Contact Info Photo
Instructor of Biology
Gemma Bartha head shot
Professor of Biology, Secular Advisor for Spiritual Life
Joseph Berger head shot
Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Natural product synthesis
  • Chemical education
Marisa Blauvelt head shot
Instructor of Biology
Sally Chamberland head shot
Associate Professor of Environmental Biology
  • Social-ecological systems: Involving land use practices, resilience, adaptability, sustainability, and conservation
  • Community and ecosystem dynamics and animal-plant interactions
  • Spatially-distributed (GIS-based) ecological services and species-interaction modeling
  • Zoonotic diseases as influenced by local, regional, and global dynamics
Justin Compton head shot
Instructor in Chemistry
Donna DiLullo head shot
Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Physiological ecology
  • Fuel metabolism in fasting marine mammals
  • Physiological costs of reproduction in songbirds
Melinda Fowler head shot
Administrative Associate
Heather Hitchcock head shot
Associate Professor of Biology, Chair of Department of Biology/Chemistry
  • Genetic engineering
  • Molecular biology
  • Cell culture/biology
Hai Kinal head shot
Instructor of Chemistry
Agnes Luzgin head shot
Instructor in Biology
Taylor Roberge head shot
Professor of Chemistry
  • Science self-efficacy and attitudes toward science
  • Science misconceptions
Julie Smist head shot
Professor of Chemistry, Distinguished Springfield Professor of Humanics
  • Teaching chemistry
  • History of chemistry
Frank Torre head shot
Laboratory Instructor in Biology
Lorie Woodson