Name & Synopsis Contact Info Photo
Instructor of Biology
Gemma Bartha head shot
Professor of Biology, Secular Advisor for Spiritual Life
Joseph Berger head shot
Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Natural product synthesis
  • Chemical education
Marisa Blauvelt head shot
Associate Professor of Environmental Biology
  • Social-ecological systems: Involving land use practices, resilience, adaptability, sustainability, and conservation
  • Community and ecosystem dynamics and animal-plant interactions
  • Spatially-distributed (GIS-based) ecological services and species-interaction modeling
  • Zoonotic diseases as influenced by local, regional, and global dynamics
Justin Compton head shot
Instructor in Chemistry
Donna DiLullo head shot
Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Physiological ecology
  • Fuel metabolism in fasting marine mammals
  • Physiological costs of reproduction in songbirds
Melinda Fowler head shot
Administrative Associate
Heather Hitchcock head shot
Associate Professor of Biology
  • Genetic engineering
  • Molecular biology
  • Cell culture/biology
Hai Kinal head shot
Instructor of Chemistry
Agnes Luzgin head shot
Instructor in Biology
Alvaro Castro Rivadeneira
Instructor in Biology
Taylor Roberge head shot
Professor of Chemistry, Chair of Department of Biology/Chemistry
  • Science self-efficacy and attitudes toward science
  • Science misconceptions
Julie Smist head shot
Professor of Chemistry, Distinguished Springfield Professor of Humanics
  • Teaching chemistry
  • History of chemistry
Frank Torre head shot
Biology/Chemistry Lab Coordinator
Sara LaTorra head shot
Laboratory Instructor in Biology
Lorie Woodson