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Eileen Cyr

Eileen Cyr

Professor of Education / Graduate Coordinator

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Eileen Cyr, professor for the Springfield College Department of Education.
  • Doctor of Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass., 1999
  • Master of Business Administration, American International College, Springfield, Mass., 1988
  • Bachelor of Science, Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, Mass., 1982

Eileen Cyr is the senior faculty member in the Education Department. She has been working alongside pre-service and in-service teachers for more than 30 years.

Courses Taught
  • EDUC 232 Elementary Math Methods
  • EDUC 685 Secondary Teaching Methods
  • EDUC 642 Assessment
  • EDUC 635 Family and Community Engagement

Selected Works


2022 Cyr, E., and Neville, K.,  An examination of urban teachers' beliefs surrounding their school's alignment with national family and community engagement standardsNew England Educational Research Organization,  (April 6 – April 8, Portsmouth, NH)

2022 Cyr, E., Farmer, C., Larkowski, K., and Reed, K. Addressing national family and community engagement (FACE) standards. Critical Questions in Education Conference, (February 21-23, Charleston, SC)

2020 Cyr, E., Awkal, N., Dudley, S., O’Brien, J., and Sauers, A. Teachers as “first responders”: Exploring social emotional learning concepts ranging from teacher self-care to dealing with trauma in today’s classrooms. Critical Questions in Education Conference, (February 17-19, Seattle, WA)

2019 Cyr, E., Reed. K., Gilhooly, K., and Mickiewicz, G, We’ve Come a Long Way in How We Teach – Now We Need to Change the Way We Assess. Critical Questions in Education Conference, (March 4-6, Savannah, GA)

2018 Cyr, E., Reed. K., Atkinson, C., Begley, E.,Celik, D., Gilhooly, K., Rivers, B., and Sorenson, A., A celebration of learning: Using the Pecha Kucha as a summative assessment for working teachers in a licensure program. Critical Questions in Education Conference, (March 5-7, Portland, OR)

2017 Cyr, E., English Language Learners and Elementary Mathematics. American Association of Two Year Colleges, Annual Meeting, (November 9-12, San Diego, CA)

2017 Cyr, E., Celik, D., Polite, and Spencer, S., Teacher retention: An examination of models that work. New England Educational Research Organization (April 5 – April 7), Portsmouth, NH

2017 Cyr, E., Celik, D., and O’Brien, J., Urban school district partners with local college to enroll math, science and special education teachers into an initial licensure program. Critical Questions in Education Conference, (March 6-8, New Orleans, LA)

2016 Cyr, E., and Neilsen, K., Can we get this furniture upstairs and into my bedroom – a little help from our friend Pythagorus. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Annual Meeting, (April 13 – 16, San Francisco, CA)

2015 Cyr, E., and McDiarmid P., An interdisciplinary approach to Health Education and Mathematics Education. American School Health Association, Annual Meeting, (October 15-17, Orlando, FL)