Liz O'Neill, faculty member in the Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies
  • Doctor of Physical Education, Springfield College, Springfield, Mass., 2003
  • Master of Science, Springfield College, Springfield, Mass., 2000
  • Bachelor of Arts, Mercyhurst College, Erie, Pa., 1995

Elizabeth O’Neill taught at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, in the Department of Physical Therapy (2003-04) and Central Connecticut State University in the Department of Physical Education and Human Performance (2004-09) prior to returning to Springfield College in fall 2009.

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Applied Exercise Science
  • Kinesiology
  • Management of Health Fitness Programs
  • Advanced Exercise Physiology

Certifications and Memberships

  • American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Selected Works


  • Sarcopenic Obesity: Definitions, Complications, and Suggested Lifestyle Interventions, NEACSM, 2013
  • Bone Density and Physical Activity: The Role of Physical Education, MAHPERD, 2011
  • Physical Activity and Health: The Role of Exercise for the Older Adult. Presented at the Special Lecture Series on National Fitness at the Guangzhou Sports Training and Technical College; Guangzhou, China, 2010
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  • O’Neill, E., Roy, M. P., Vitti, S., Thompson, B., Matthews, T. (2016, June). “Adaptations to bone, strength, power, and body composition in women with varying training protocols.” Poster presentation at the American College of Sports Medicine National Conference; Boston, MA.
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