• Doctor of Philosophy, Communication, University of South Florida, Tampa, Fla., 2001
  • Master of Education, Tufts University, Medford, Mass., 1975
  • Bachelor of Art, in Child Study, Jackson College, Tufts University, Medford, Mass., 1973

Having taught at every level, G’han Ruth Singh, PhD, spent the first two decades of her career involved in early childhood and compensatory education for disadvantaged urban and rural youth. In the 1980s, she was the co-founder and executive director of a nonprofit alternative elementary school in the northeast. Changing focus, she has spent the last two and a half decades in adult education and grassroots community development, teaching and writing exclusively for adult audiences. She’s the author of an adult literacy program used by over 80 community colleges across the US, and is an award-winning poet. She also worked as a by-line medical feature writer for a national news organization.

Research Interests

  • The emotional economy of cross-racial sex
  • Sexual behaviors, attitudes and beliefs in age, gender and ethnically diverse populations
  • Multicultural rhetoric of spirituality, illness and dying
  • Funereal performances and the contemporary relevance of esoteric death rituals

Courses Taught

  • Human Sexuality
  • Coping with Disease and Death
  • Critical Thinking Through Literature
  • Transformational Alternatives: The Complexities of Ethical Actions
  • Building Multicultural Communities and Organizations
  • Diversity and Multiculturalism in Early Childhood Education


  • Southern Communication Association
  • American Association of University Women
  • Florida Writer’s Association
  • ACLU

Community Service/Volunteer Work

  • Community Education Blog on Contemporary Issues in Human Sexuality, ghanruthsingh.blogspot.com, 2013 - current
  • H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center Survivor Education Volunteer, 2015 - current
  • Rising Scholar ABD Mentor, 2009 - 2014

Selected Works


  • Singh, G. R. (2016) “No Birds. No Bees. The Why, When and How of Talking with Kids About Sex.” Community Education Workshop. Springfield College School of Professional and Continuing Studies, Tampa Bay Campus.
  • Singh, G.R. (2012) “Diversity Issues in Families.” Invited speaker. Multicultural awareness for lawyers in child custody cases. Family Mediators Council of Hillsborough County.
  • Singh, G.R. (2010) “Exploring the Silence: Sexuality After Menopause.” Invited speaker. Tampa Palms Women’s Club. Tampa, Fla.
  • Singh. G.R. (2009) “Sex Positive Feminism.” Invited speaker. New Tampa Women’s Circle. Tampa, Fla.


  • Singh, G.R. (2015) Romancing the Tar Baby: Performance, Representation and the Emotional Economy of Cross-Racial Sex. Tampa, Fla.: First Jewel Press.
  • Singh, G.R. (2015) The Porch Prince: A Grandmother’s Vampire. Short-form erotic fiction. Tampa, Fla.: GRS Books.
  • Singh, G.R. (2013) “Cyborgs in the Village: Culturally Embedded Resistances to Blended Teaching and Learning.” Transcultural Blended Learning and Teaching in Postsecondary Education. Oshkosh: University of Wisconsin.
  • Singh, G.R. (1991) Spice of Life: Short Fiction for New Adult Readers. Bethel, N.Y.: First Jewel Press.
  • Singh, G.R. (1990) Anyone Can Teach Someone To Read: The Everyday Person’s Manual for Teaching an Adult to Read. Bethel, N.Y.: First Jewel Press.