Mary Kate Feit | Springfield College

Mary Kate Feit

Mary Kate Feit

Assistant Professor of Strength and Conditioning / Graduate Program Director for Strength and Conditioning
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  • Doctor of Philosophy, Springfield College, Springfield, Mass, 2020
  • Master of Education, Springfield College, Springfield, Mass., 2009
  • Bachelor of Arts, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass., 2005

Prior to returning to Springfield College, Feit had an extensive career in sports performance which included time spent as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at the University of Iowa and the University of Louisville as well as the adult program coordinator at Reach Your Potential Training. She enjoys making connections between the material she presents in the classroom to her practical work experience in the field of strength and conditioning.

Research Interests
  • Strength and Conditioning Internship Education
  • Effective Coaching Behaviors
  • Load Management
Courses Taught
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Applications of Strength and Conditioning
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Technology Trends in Strength and Conditioning
  • Management of Health and Fitness Programs
  • Concepts of Personal Training
Certifications and Memberships
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach
  • Precision Nutrition
  • Functional Movement Systems

Selected Works


  • Feit, M. K. (2023, January). Securing Meaningful Field Work or Internship Experiences. Presented at the NSCA Coaches Conference, Charlotte, NC. 
  • Feit, M. K. & Thompson, B. (2023, January). Expanding the Field: Supervising and Mentoring Tomorrow’s Strength Coaches. Presented at the NSCA Coaches Conference, Charlotte, NC. 
  • Feit, M. K. (2022, June). Women in Strength and Conditioning Breakfast, Empower each other through Shared Experience…Group Discussion. Led at the National High School Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, Nashville TN. 
  • Feit, M. K., & Carere, A. (2022, May). Bring Everyone to the Table: How Load Monitoring Can Increase Communication Between Multiple Departments within Academics and Athletics. Presented at the New England Regional NSCA Conference. 
  • Feit, M. K. (2022, May). Post Session Review: The use of a Reflective Practice in Strength and Conditioning. Presented at the My Momentum Virtual Conference. 
  • Feit, M.K., Feit, A. E., Rearick, B., Winkelman, N. (2021, September). Meeting of the Minds: The Art of Coaching. Presented for Perform Better. 
  • Feit, M. K. (2021, January). Beyond Sets and Reps: Creating, Mastering, and Evaluating Your Coaching Behaviors. Presented at the NSCA Coaches Conference, Virtual Event. 
  • Feit, M. K. (2020, October). Technology use in strength and conditioning. Presented at the New England ACSM Fall Virtual Conference. 
  • Feit, M. K. (2020, August). Optimizing your coaching behaviors to maximize your impact. Presented at the Perform Better Summer Seminar Series. 
  • Feit, M. K. (2020, January). Maximizing the mentorship process within an internship program. Presented at the NSCA Coaches Conference, San Antonio, TX.


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