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  • Room 214
    Athletic Training and Exercise Science Facilities
A head shot of Samuel Headley, faculty member in the Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies
  • Doctor of Exercise Physiology, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa., 1991
  • Master of Science, Kings College, London, England, 1985
  • Bachelor of Arts, Birmingham University, Birmingham, England, 1982

Samuel Headley is a clinical exercise physiologist. His research is focused on using lifestyle interventions (diet and exercise) to assist individuals with chronic non-communicable diseases. He also has an interest in nutritional factors that enhance athletic performance. Headley is currently serving as the program director for the exercise physiology program at Springfield College.

Courses Taught

  • Electrocardiography (graduate & undergraduate)
  • Exercise Biochemistry (graduate)
  • Graded Exercise Testing and Exercise Prescription (graduate)
  • Medical Physiology(graduate)
  • Cardiovascular Physiology (graduate)
  • Exercise Testing and Prescription (undergraduate)
  • Sports Nutrition (graduate and undergraduate)

Certifications and Memberships

  • American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Test Technolgist
  • American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Specialist
  • American College of Sports Medicine Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • International Society of Sports Nutrition Sports Nutrition Certification

Research Interests

  • Lifestyle interventions for persons with chronic kidney disease
  • Exercise and hypertension
  • The impact of high-intensity interval training in persons with chronic disease
  • Sedentary behavior and physiological outcomes in health and disease
  • Nutritional factors to enhance athletic performance

Selected Works


  • Lifestyle Modifications in CKD: The Risk Factor Paradox, presented at the annual meeting of the NEACSM in fall 2013.
  • The effect of exercise training in CKD. Presented at Henry Ford Hospital, November 2013


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  • Headley, SA, Germain, M, Milch, C, Pescatello, L, Coughlin,M,Nindl, BC, Cornelius, A, Sullivan, S, Gregory, S, & Wood, R (2012). Exercise Training Improves HR responses and VO2peak in Predialysis Kidney Patients. Med.Sci.Sports Exerc. Vol. 44, No. 12, pp. 2392–2399.
  • Headley, S. A., Germain, M., Milch, C. M., Buchholz, M. P., Coughlin, M. Pescatello, L.S.(2008) The Immediate Blood Pressure Lowering Effects of Aerobic Exercise among Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. Nephrology 13: 601-606.
  • Headley, S. A. , Germain, M., Mailloux, P., Mulhern, J., Ashworth, B., Burris, J., Brewer, B., Nindl , B., Coughlin, M., Welles, R.,& Jones, M.(2002). Resistance training improves strength and functional measures in patients with end-stage renal disease. Am J. Kidney. Dise. 40 (2): 355-364.