Our Grounds

East Campus is set on 57 acres of forestland and is bordered by a mile of shorefront on Lake Massasoit. 

It’s the perfect location for a restful retreat or the scene of a challenge—or some combination of the two. Anything is possible here.

Explore our vast forestland on foot or bike, or experience Lake Massasoit in a kayak or canoe. Come with a large group, or a small one. 

Expect to be challenged, refreshed, and restored.


  • A fire pit (seating for 200)
  • A picnic grove (seating for 250)
  • Rustic camping (can accommodate up to 100)
  • Trails for hiking
  • One mile of waterfront


Our 4,400-square-foot Pueblo of the Seven Fires is the only authentic southwestern pueblo east of the Mississippi. It features large and small meeting spaces and seven unique fireplaces. Outside amenities include a fire pit with seating for 200, a picnic grove, camping facilities, a renowned challenge course, space for hiking, disc golf, and waterfront activities such as canoeing and kayaking.

Serene and scenic, it’s the perfect venue for a meeting, community gathering, or corporate retreat. Rent the entire pueblo, and use the meeting rooms—complete with Internet access— for break-out gatherings. Or simply reserve one lodge.

We offer:

  • Crane Lodge (seating for 100-plus)
  • Post Lodge (seating for 65)
  • Reed Lodge (seating for 65)
  • Robinson Room (seating for 10)

Cook for yourselves in our industrial kitchen, bring potluck dishes, or have the College’s caterer provide your fare. Or, enjoy our picnic grove or one of our pavilions and then relax around the expansive fire pit.

Challenge Course

Our challenge course currently offers more than 30 elements to choose from, and this broad range allows us to custom design the level of difficulty of any adventure.

We draw from you the goals and expectations of your group, and develop programs that could focus on communication, trust, problem-solving, or just having fun. Even better, we tailor the course to exceed your expectations.

The East Campus Challenge Course is one of the best of its kind in the entire Northeast. Built in the mid-1980s and approved by the Association for Challenge Course Technology, it is renovated and adapted yearly.

Participants tell us that our excellent facilities and our experienced staff set us high above the other challenge course experiences.

Disc Golf Course

Spread out across our property are two, 18 "hole" disc golf courses, which are free and open to the public. The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc. Score is determined by counting the total number of throws, the lowest score determines the winner. The player is provided with a teeing area from which to begin each hole and a target to complete the hole. 

Curious about the rules? Learn more here.