Our Mission

The mission of the East Campus Outdoor Learning Center is to support the programs of Springfield College through purposefully designed experiential-learning opportunities in an out-of-doors setting with educational, recreation, business, and therapeutic groups.

Spring Explorers using the ropes course
 Amidst the treetops, teamwork and confidence are built as two individuals adventure through the rope course
Thank You For Your Support

With each fall season comes a new year at Springfield College and the continuation of service to others. At East Campus, we believe strongly in service to others; it’s in everything we do. To that end, our students facilitate the challenge course programs, coordinate our facility rentals, and take care of our building upkeep and grounds. All of this service is focused on providing opportunities at East Campus to others that they would otherwise not have. This type of work creates a lasting impression on our participants as well as our student body. It is from these experiences we have seen such great success in the Friends of East Campus giving campaign.  

This year marks a significant achievement for the Friends of East Campus. Through the continued support and dedication of our donors, East Campus is able to launch a significant renovation project that has long been needed. As you read through these stories, know it is through your support that our success continues. Our goals are to continue to expand, increase participation on Giving Day, reach a larger audience, and ultimately grow our donation amounts to create new opportunities for our users. 

Thank you for your continued support. It is important for you to know that your donations—of all sizes—create a positive impact on East Campus.


Ben Taylor ’99, G’15
Director of East Campus and Outdoor Programs

Angela Veatch, G’07
Associate Director of East Campus and Outdoor Programs

Continuing the Camp Massasoit Tradition

As a sign of gratitude for bringing them together, Kevin McNeill ’07 and Joanna Tsoumas McNeill ’09, G’11, made their first gift to Friends of East Campus in 2016 and have given each year since then.

Continuing Family Tradition

Your gifts turn students into leaders who serve others.

206 Alumni, 45 Faculty and Staff, 66 Friends (including families of students and campers), 31 Students
Group Picture
$46,315.89 cumulatively given in support of Friends of East Campus
East Campus at Springfield College
Deluxe camping tents

Your Gifts in Action

Thanks to many supporters of Friends of East Campus, we will be able to renovate the Pueblo kitchen this winter. The kitchen has been an important part of the Pueblo for many years, helping promote the Springfield College mission of leadership in service to others.

Students cook at the kitchen at East Campus
How do you improve on perfection? Maybe the answer is never letting yourself get comfortable.

Better Every Day

A group of occupational therapy graduate students and their professor create a week-long camp for young adults with disabilities

Celebrating Abilities, Making Possibilities

OT East Campus Retreat
How an overnight retreat changed the dynamics of a young team

Breaking Through the Digital Barrier

Womens Basketball
Molli Mowry ’20  Student leader for New Student Orientation and Leadership Training Conference
The Impact of Your Support

"None of my friends who go to other colleges have a place where they can just go for a walk in the woods with their friends, have team-bonding events, and take kayaks out on the lake. It’s something so unique to Springfield College, and I want future students to be able to experience that same thing."

Molli Mowry ’20
Student leader for New Student Orientation and Leadership Training Conference
American College of Chest Physicians


Mowry and donors like you understand the special nature of East Campus and Camp Massasoit, and the impact these donors have on positively changing the lives of others. In her student leader roles, Molli Mowry has spent a lot of time at East Campus. She has grown to love the setting and often uses it as a place to spend quality time with her friends.On Giving Day this year, Mowry was one of the 255 donors to make a gift in support of Friends of East Campus. With a cumulative total of $18,470.97, it was the most successful Giving Day for East Campus to date.

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