Our Mission

The mission of the East Campus Outdoor Learning Center is to support the programs of Springfield College through purposefully designed experiential-learning opportunities in an out-of-doors setting with educational, recreation, business, and therapeutic groups.

Spring Explorers using the ropes course
 Amidst the treetops, teamwork and confidence are built as two individuals adventure through the rope course
Setting up for success

The impact and benefits of intentional programming

The difference between playing games and planning programming with a purpose is intentionality. The programs at East Campus are designed intentionally for each specific group, to challenge them, to build them up, unite them, and set them up for success after leaving East Campus. The groups you will read about read about on the Friends of East Campus site have benefited from unique experiences that they took with them to the playing field, to the classroom, and on the court.

All of this is possible due to your intentional giving. We celebrated a record-setting Giving Day in In March 2018, and many of you designated your gift to benefit the Friends of East Campus. Our participation numbers grew again, and so did the amount of money given.

Thank you for your support.

Bikes, hikes, and the great outdoors. Some things never change.

Individual development, social skills, the four areas of respect, and fun are but a few of the areas we have focused on for our campers over the past 80 years of Camp Massasoit. Rooted in a rich history dating back to 1934, when it was known as the Springfield College Day Camp, Camp Massasoit has evolved into eight weeks every year of fun and learning for youth ages 5 to 16 years old.

With an outdoor and experiential education focus, Camp Massasoit provides an environment separate from the world of technology, fostering creativity at all ages. The camp operates off of the foundation of respect as identified in the four areas: respect for the self, the environment, their peers, and for their counselors. These four areas are reviewed every day at camp and provide an understanding of the guidelines to all campers.

A great deal of the success experienced by Camp Massasoit comes from those who came before us and laid the foundation, developed the program expectations, raised the camp to a nationally accredited status, and cultivated an environment of success for the staff. Today we feel fortunate to be a part of this amazing program, and a part of the legacy of great directors who came before us. Most importantly, we feel very fortunate to be a part of the great families who raise amazing children and who attend camp each and every summer. You are our greatest advocates.

Here’s to 80 great years and another 80 to come.

Ben Taylor ’99
Director of East Campus and Outdoor Programs

Angela Veatch, G’07
Assistant Director of East Campus and Outdoor Programs

How do you improve on perfection? Maybe the answer is never letting yourself get comfortable.

Better Every Day

A group of occupational therapy graduate students and their professor create a week-long camp for young adults with disabilities

Celebrating Abilities, Making Possibilities

OT East Campus Retreat
How an overnight retreat changed the dynamics of a young team

Breaking Through the Digital Barrier

Womens Basketball
"I wanted to send them to Camp Massasoit because I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things from our friends. So, we were just waiting until they were old enough to send. They just love to be outdoors." Suzanne Gile, parent
Camper and counselor canoeing on Lake Masssasoit
"We explored a number of different camps and what we found was this one had counselors who were a little older, more qualified. They had college majors that had to do with camping or had to do with recreation. What we found was that the whole experience was great. It’s probably one of the best experiences we’ve given him so far." Mart Manning, parent
Campers and counselors dancing
"I love pretty much everything. The reason I say that is I like to kayak. I like archery. I like climbing. I was scared of heights but now I’m not. I never thought I would shoot that well and now I’m hitting bull’s eyes. I never thought I would kayak and now I’ll be at the bridge first. I wasn’t that good in swimming and now I’m pretty good. I hated heights and couldn’t even get off the ropes the first year." Dan Manning, camper
Spring Explorers using the ropes course
"The ropes course is really fun but sometimes, when you get up high, it’s a little scary. The counselors just tell you ‘keep going’ and they tell you how to get up." Nolan Stratton, camper
A camper wearing a Camp Massasoit teeshirt

Giving Day Keeps Growing

From 138 donors in 2016, to 221 donors last year, to 255 donors who made a gift in support of Friends of East Campus this year, we are grateful for your help in making Giving Day an annual success. Thank you to everyone who made a gift to Friends of East Campus on Giving Day, and special congratulations to our raffle winners Zach Varnauskas ’20, who won a backpack, and Jennifer Dutko, SGA and Student Activities account manager, who came away with a coffee table, hand carved by Ben Taylor. Your gifts have a direct impact on the students, campers, staff, and members of the community who use our facilities and programs each year.

Giving Day
Molli Mowry ’20  Student leader for New Student Orientation and Leadership Training Conference
The Impact of Your Support

"None of my friends who go to other colleges have a place where they can just go for a walk in the woods with their friends, have team-bonding events, and take kayaks out on the lake. It’s something so unique to Springfield College, and I want future students to be able to experience that same thing."

Molli Mowry ’20
Student leader for New Student Orientation and Leadership Training Conference
American College of Chest Physicians


Mowry and donors like you understand the special nature of East Campus and Camp Massasoit, and the impact these donors have on positively changing the lives of others. In her student leader roles, Molli Mowry has spent a lot of time at East Campus. She has grown to love the setting and often uses it as a place to spend quality time with her friends.On Giving Day this year, Mowry was one of the 255 donors to make a gift in support of Friends of East Campus. With a cumulative total of $18,470.97, it was the most successful Giving Day for East Campus to date.