How do you apply the Humanics philosophy?

Humanics is the idea that a person’s emotional, intellectual, and physical lives are interconnected. It’s the reason why Springfield’s symbol is the triangle- the balance of spirit, mind, and body. I have adopted this idea into my own day-to-day life and it has therefore become the format of my success within my major. My well being and spirit starts with my positive attitude and general outlook on life. My mind expands from my willingness and desire to learn more about our bodies, the fitness industry, and all up-and-coming techniques within exercise science.

Why did you become a pre-camp leader?

Applying to be a leader was a no-brainer. All of my first best friends and current roommates are all connections I made at pre-camp within my first three days of school.

What’s your favorite exercise?

The exercise that I think is the best for strength would have to 
be the deadlift. When I am feeling motivated, front squats are 
my favorite. (When I am not feeling motivated, they are my least favorite.) When I feel like working the chest, bench press is 
my favorite. When I am teaching a class, cycle and ab lab are my favorites. Next week I’ll learn something new and that will be 
my new favorite.

In 25 words, describe your self?

I am positive, outgoing, fun loving, and hard working. I like to laugh and make other people laugh. I tend to find beauty in everything and everyone.

Cheney or Union?


What is one of the best memories you have from Springfield College?

I remember a specific day during Sti-Yu-Ka when I spent the whole day just hanging out on the green, tanning, eating an entire carton of Gold Fish, playing wiffle ball, and meeting one of the best friends I’ve had here.