Springfield College shaped us into professionals. Allison (White) and Gene Altobelli
Allison and Gene Altobelli

Springfield College shaped us into professionals. The business management major rivals the best. As gymnasts, we learned teamwork and leadership, to be competitive, and to balance athletics and work—all transferrable skills. Now that we have rewarding careers, it means a lot to us to give back. We want to help the College continue its momentum of positive changes…to maintain the rich traditions that we love…to do the great job for future students that it did for us. Allison is a second-generation alum, and we’d love to see those legacies continue.—Allison and Gene Altobelli

Gene is an account manager at Continental Resources, Inc., a provider of cutting-edge technology products and services. Allison is the director of circulation and audience development at Slack, Inc., a medical publishing company.

The Springfield College Fund recognizes the yearly gifts from alumni, family, and friends that help meet the needs that tuition and other income do not cover.