Michael Boyle ’81 and Dave Boyle ’83 | Springfield College

Michael Boyle ’81 and Dave Boyle ’83

[Springfield College is] the perfect incubator. It was an environment where top national experts were faculty members who taught each class as if it were the most important. Michael Boyle ’81
Michael Boyle ’81 and Dave Boyle ’83

Icons in their professions, Boyle brothers are all-stars in service to Springfield College and students

At first glance, the Boyle brothers are a study in contrasts. The two nationally known icons in very different fields are both dressed for work when we meet on an icy March morning outside Boston—the city in which they grew up. Michael is in high-quality activewear, and Dave sports a navy blue suit, white shirt, and red silk tie. But, talk to them for a minute and it’s clear that their DNA is the same.

The Boyles represent a phenomenal work ethic and a lifelong habit of going the extra mile for others—all values learned from parents who expected nothing less from themselves and their children.

Michael is one of the foremost experts in strength and conditioning, functional training, and general fitness. He is a cofounder of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, one of the first companies of its kind in the world. His focus is performance enhancement training for athletes ranging from junior high school students to all-stars in almost every major professional sport. In strength and conditioning, he has also been the head coach for Boston University, coach for the Boston Bruins and the 1998 U.S. Women’s Olympic Gold Medal Ice Hockey Team, and a consultant to the Boston Red Sox and USA Hockey National Team Development Program. He has received the Springfield College Distinguished Alumni Award.

Dave is vice president of Martignetti Companies, the seventh-largest liquor distributor in the United States. He is also part owner of two private security/event management companies, F.B.S and Venue Management, and G.H.M., LLC. He has provided security to a hit parade of headliners in entertainment, government, and other fields, and for events attracting crowds of thousands.

As we talk about their extraordinary range of services to the College and its students, the high energy brothers take turns giving credit to each other. They’ve both advised young people whom they’ve recognized as the right fit to apply to Springfield College, and have also counseled students. “It takes a special kind of kid,” says Dave, who interviews applicants from the Boston area. Michael has been a mentor to students in his field, has taken on student interns, and has hired and referred graduates. He has been a guest lecturer on the campus numerous times.

Dave has conducted wine seminars at alumni events around the country, and donates the wine. His wine-tasting social is the most popular event during homecoming and reunion weekends. And, he hires student help. He is vice president of the Eastern Massachusetts Alumni Association, a former Alumni Council member, and a member of his class reunion committee. In 2008, he was awarded the Tarbell Medallion for extraordinary service to the College. Neither of them mentions that they have consistently been generous financial donors.

So, how did these brothers, who imagined that they would become physical education teachers and coaches like their dad, arrive at their current professional pinnacles? Michael describes Springfield College as “the perfect incubator. It was an environment where top national experts were faculty members who taught each class as if it were the most important,” he says. At a time when strength and conditioning was emerging as a career path, his dormitory director was Mike Woicik G’80, who became the legendary NFL strength and conditioning coach. Also on the campus was Rusty Jones ’76, who would become strength and conditioning coordinator for the Buffalo Bills and the Chicago Bears. “It was a talent hotbed, and my lights went on.”

Dave found his niche in various part-time jobs that he held while a student. “Springfield College teaches you how to live your life—how to deal with people, how to overcome obstacles. Consciously or unconsciously, you learn to live the Humanics philosophy. We grew up in a world of service, first at home, then at Springfield College, where people do the right thing. We came out as we did because of them,” he says.

The two dedicated family men are also passing on their values. Michael and his wife Cindy are parents to Michaela (14) and Mark (9). Dave and his wife Karen are parents to Emily (9) and Liam (6).