Physician Assistant Goals and Outcomes | Springfield College

Physician Assistant Goals and Outcomes


The mission of the Springfield College Physician Assistant Program is to educate students in
spirit, mind, and body for leadership in clinical, community, and academic service to humanity by
building upon its foundations of humanics and academic excellence. 


1. Academic and Professional Integrity
2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
3. Interprofessional Education
4. Adaptability and Responsiveness
5. Service to the Community


Goal 1: Academic Excellence

Educating PAs who have the medical knowledge and the clinical skills necessary to provide high quality medical care in a variety of clinical settings. 

❖ Set and maintain entrustable professional activities to ensure excellence in medical knowledge and clinical skills.

1Gather and document essential, accurate information about patients
thorough history-taking and physical examination 
2Create a differential diagnosis using clinical patient information 93%94%93%  
3Identify and interpret diagnostic and screening tests when given
clinical patient information 
4Synthesize clinical information to determine appropriate orders and
pharmacologic interventions
5Develop and implement patient-centered management and education
6Locate, critically evaluate, integrate and appropriately apply
scientific evidence to patient care 
8Perform general procedures of a physician assistant93%94%93%  
10Provide preventative health care services and education93%94%93%  


*EPA's created 2021. **The percentage is calculated using the preceptor evaluation scores of all
student in the cohort over all rotations in the year

❖ Employ faculty and staff members with a commitment to providing the highest standard
didactic and clinical education.

➢ Springfield College PA program currently employs 7 full time faculty with an
average of 6 years of full time teaching and 15 years of clinical experience.

❖ The Exit Survey asks students to rate the following on a 5-point Likert scale from agree
(5) to disagree (1); I feel prepared to take the PANCE.

Average score4.73   

Goal 2: Preparation for Graduation

Prepare graduating PAs throughout their education to provide quality patient care through;
professionalism, effective communication and team work, and excellent medical knowledge.
❖ Set and maintain entrustable professional activities to ensure excellence in providing
quality patient care in a variety of medical settings. 

7Work and communicate effectively and professionally as a leader
or member of an interprofessional health care team to provide
patient-centered care
9Identify personal weaknesses and/or system failures in order to
contribute to a culture of safety and improvement
11Recognize and develop strategies to address social determinants
of health using culturally competent care 

❖ Students are prepared for graduation by achieving the Springfield College PA
➢ Each student completes a Program Competency Portfolio, providing evidence
from both didactic and clinical year experiences that each competency was met.
➢ The Exit Survey asks students to rate the following on a 5-point Likert scale from
agree (5) to disagree (1); with the following statements (average):

The clinical curriculum was sufficient in preparation for meeting program competencies 4.84    
After completing the SC PA program, I feel prepared as a new graduate to practice medicine.4.76    

❖ Students are prepared for graduation by demonstrating competence on the program
defined Summative exam.

Summative Exam
(passing percentage)

Goal 3: PANCE pass rate

Springfield College PA program will aspire to achieve a pass rate, at or above the national
average for first-time test takers on the NCCPA PANCE exam. 

PANCE pass rate
(first time test takers)

Goal 4: Employment

Every graduate of the program will be employed within 1 year of graduation. 

Post- Graduate Employment Rate (percent):

Employment at 1 yearpending100%   

Goal 5: Accreditation

Springfield College is committed to maintaining ARC-PA accreditation status of Continued

ARC-PA Accreditation History

DateStatus GrantedNext Review
July 2016 Accreditation- Continued September 2026
March 2010 Accreditation- Continued March 2015
March 2003Accreditation- Continued March 2009
March 1999Accreditation- Continued March 2003
April 1996First AccreditationMarch 1999