Alumna Honored to be Keynote Speaker at PA Certificate Ceremony | Springfield College

Alumna Honored to be Keynote Speaker at PA Certificate Ceremony


Physician Assistant (PA) alumna Avery Pedro ’20, G’22, PA-C serving as the keynote speaker at the recent Class of 2024 Physician Assistant Studies Certificate Ceremony.


By: Damon Markiewicz

Springfield College alumni make it their mission to assist the next generation of students. For Physician Assistant (PA) alumna Avery Pedro ’20, G’22, PA-C, she helped pay it forward by serving as the keynote speaker at the recent Class of 2024 Physician Assistant Studies Certificate ceremony in the Fuller Arts Center.

Since graduating from the College, Pedro has been advancing her professional career at Personal Primary Care in East Longmeadow, Mass, where she serves as a board-certified physician assistant. 

“The selection of the keynote speaker is done through nominations, and Avery was overwhelmingly voted as this year's choice,” said Meghan MigeonG’05, DMSc, MS, PA-C, Springfield College Physician Assistant Studies program director/department chair. “Since her graduation, Avery has continued to support our program through working as a clinical preceptor, and educating and mentoring students at Personal Primary Care. During Avery's time at Springfield College, she stood out as a leader with the Humanics philosophy as her guiding principle. She continues to demonstrate this in her care of patients, and her desire to educate current and incoming students.”

During the last two years as a full-time PA, Pedro has stayed true to the Humanics philosophy by dedicating herself to patient-centered primary and specialized care for the local population.

“It was such an honor to serve as the Class of 2024 keynote speaker. My goal was to connect with the graduates, and be able to relate with each, and help prepare them for what they are about to experience as alumni,” explained Pedro.

As a recent graduate of the PA program, Pedro was certainly able to connect with this year’s cohort, and she reinforced the importance of what it means to be an alumnus of the Physician Assistant Studies program.

“The moments at Springfield College were some of the best and most challenging times in my life,” explained Pedro. “Thinking as far back as New Student Orientation, faculty and alumni would explain to me that individuals will hire graduates from the Springfield College PA program because they know the quality of education they receive. When I graduated, I was able to witness that, as Drs. Talal Khan and Nidah Khan offered me a job, and that truly meant something to me.”

And when reflecting back about what attracted her to enroll at Springfield College, it was the mission of the College that allowed Pedro a feeling of comfort, because she knew her mission was in line with the Humanics philosophy.

“One of the main reasons in why I chose Springfield College was the mission, and educating the whole person in spirit, mind, and body, which is expressed as a triangle, balanced on its tips, highlighting the importance of equilibrium in all aspects,” explained Pedro. “My goal as a PA is no different, where these aspects of the physical, mental, and spiritual balance, continue to be true as a successful way of life.”

Pedro is passionate about lifestyle medicine, preventative medicine, and longitudinal care with goals to maximize health and wellness. She has a holistic approach to patient care in the treatment of acute conditions and management of chronic ones.

“It’s essential to be a well-rounded provider, and educate patients on complete wellness,” described Pedro. “There is a significant impact on listening to patients’ wants and needs, while treating them individually to what works best for them. In doing so, patients will be more motivated and encouraged to live out a plan with a plan created by both the patient and provider. Patients know their body, and when you walk into a room, the patient is always the focus.”

Throughout the 2023-24 academic year, Pedro served as a preceptor for current physician assistant students, and she was reminded once again how PA students at the College standout against their competition in clinicals, in patient interaction, and in professional interaction.

“The Springfield College PA program is organized in a way that truly sets students up for success, preparing them to be amazing providers and colleagues,” explained Pedro.

The Class of 2024 will be transitioning to clinical practice now that they completed PA school. They will embark on a new life transition, one filled with endless possibilities to make positive impacts on patients’ lives.

“It’s truly a privilege to be part of one’s health care journey,” described Pedro. “The goal is to never lose that growth mindset. Medicine is always changing and evolving, so the education is never ending and it always continues.”

Pedro reminded the current students that as they continue to follow their passion, the impact they can have on others is so rewarding.

“Having that passion for your profession and career makes it very enjoyable,” explained Pedro. “My passion is to improve the quality of life, and as essential as it is to treat a disease, it’s important to understand the conditions caused, which is just as powerful.”

And as the Class of 2024 members officially start their professional journeys in the weeks and months ahead, Pedro reminded students that they are in a good place because they have had the privilege of a Springfield College education.

“I am so proud to be a graduate of Springfield College. I promise to be there for the graduates every step of the way,” concluded Pedro. “Class of 2024, always feel free to seek mentorship, take time to listen, trust your education, advocate for the growing profession, and never lose that growth mindset.”