Bachelor's Degree Plus Law School (JD Program) | UMass Law | Springfield College

Bachelor's Degree Plus Law School (JD Program) | UMass Law

Interested in legal studies and law? Get a head start on law school.

Earn both your bachelor’s and law degrees in six years through our 3+3 Law Program

Since 2021, Springfield College students have been eligible for the 3+3 articulation agreement with UMass Law. This unique program allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree in three years at our Springfield campus and a Juris Doctor (JD) program in three years at UMass Law.

This program offering is available to students in the American studies, criminal justice, history, and sociology majors. Students will be required to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) as part of the admissions process.  Applicants to the 3+3 program cannot take the LSAT later than December of the year before they hope to enroll in law school, if they are attempting to meet the March 15 priority deadline.

There is no required curriculum for undergraduate studies, although students are encouraged to take courses that emphasize the development of analytical, reasoning, and writing skills.  Students will need to present grades for at least 90 credit hours of undergraduate study at Springfield College to be eligible for the program. They will earn the rest during year one at UMass Law.

Suggested Timeline

September to October of Junior Year

  • Assess academic performance to date to ensure that the 3.3 GPA requirement has been met
  • Prepare for the LSAT

October to December of Junior Year

  • Consult faculty advisor (and online degree audit) to plan course selection for spring semester of junior year to ensure that all requirements for the bachelor’s degree, other than courses to be taken in the first year of law school, will be fulfilled
  • Take either October or December administration of the LSAT

November to January of Junior Year

  • Receive LSAT score and determine if eligible to submit application
  • Submit transcripts, including fall semester junior year grades, to Law School Admission Council (LSAC) Credential Assembly Service Data Assembly Service (CAS).
  • Submit application materials to UMass Law, including the following.
    • Application form
    • CAS report
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Personal statement
    • Letter of eligibility from faculty advisor