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Springfield College 2024 Spring Forum

Philosophy teaches critical thinking while you contemplate life's big questions.

Philosophy teaches individuals the skills needed for leadership in the midst of cultural change. You'll learn how to ask questions, think critically and imaginatively, and reason effectively about cultural, moral, and political values and beliefs, including those that prevail within professions. The Philosophy minor at Springfield College is a powerful complement to any major because it signifies a strong capacity for reflection and deep understanding. You’ll develop the ability to think critically and reason well, which you’ll find applicable and relevant on any career path and, more broadly, throughout your entire life.

See how the philosophy minor can tie into your major!

Hear from Professor Bob Gruber on why you should minor in Philosophy at Springfield College.

Robert Gruber giving a lecture
Lecture: Should we prioritize the welfare of animals over the welfare of people?

Professor Bob Gruber gave a colloquium talk on the topic of whether we should prioritize the welfare of animals over the welfare of people.

Students and professors from the philosophy and religion minors are out to dinner at Pho Saigon in Springfield
Philosophy and Religion Minors Collaborate

Professor Bob Gruber and Professor Kate Dugan went out to dinner at Pho Saigon in Springfield with students who are minoring in philosophy and religion, where they discussed philosophy and religion and the topics of the annual Philosophy and Religion Spring Forum while enjoying delicious Vietnamese soup. 

Students mulch in a community garden
Students at Gardening the Community with the Environmental Ethics class

Students from the Environmental Ethics class (PHIL 110), supported by Professor Bob Gruber, worked at Gardening the Community, an urban farm just blocks away from Springfield College on Walnut Street.  They mulched to prepare the garden for the fall.  In Environmental Ethics, students practice applying environmental ethical principles in the community, as part of the Humanics philosophy.

Students interact with José Jorge Mendoza from the University of Massachusetts Lowell
Guest Speakers and Meet and Greets

Guest speaker Professor José Jorge Mendoza from the University of Massachusetts Lowell spoke at the Philosophy and Religion Spring Forum on the philosophy of immigration.  Students gathered with him for a meet and greet in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department. Students in the philosophy minor have the opportunity to network with expert philosophers to engage with new ideas.

Studying Philosophy At Springfield College