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Important note: We are no longer accepting applications to this major after the fall 2022 academic year.

Sociology majors tend to be fascinated with people and interested in helping others. Sociology is the systematic study of human interactions—that range from two people to global relations. Sociologists analyze the complex dynamics within and between groups, organizations, communities, institutions, and societies. Within these multiple contexts, sociologists study both patterns of stability and dynamic change.

At Springfield College, sociology majors learn not only about how the world works, but also how to actively contribute to make the world a better place. The sociology program offers a variety of educational experiences, including classroom-based instruction, service learning, and internships.

Upon graduation, sociology majors become valuable and valued professionals and citizens in workplaces and communities because they have the skills, knowledge, and understanding to be effective team members in today’s changing workplaces, communities, and world. Sociology majors are also prepared for graduate school in fields such as law, social work, sociology, and public policy.

Students studying sociology at Springfield College may choose a concentration in social work or community and leadership development. Minors and double majors in related fields are encouraged.

The sociology program provides students at Springfield College with a hands-on educational experience. The courses offered helped me grow both personally and professionally, and provided me with knowledge about the community that surrounds the campus. The Springfield College campus as a whole has a desire to help others that is contagious and cannot be ignored. Sarah Mullins ’12, Social Worker, Department of Children and Families, Springfield, Mass.
Sarah Mullins

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Take Your Sociology Degree Further

Your sociology degree can take you places. Earn a Bachelor of Science and Master of Social Work; pursue law school with our pre-law advising; or check out our BS/JD law program.

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