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About This Program

Sociology is the study of human relationships in societies. It emphasizes the study of social organization, culture, social problems, inequality, and change. Students who take the Sociology minor at Springfield College learn how people are influenced by the social world and how people act as creators of this world. The curriculum is challenging, but it is exciting to students who want to learn more about how social institutions, including families, the economy, politics /government, religion, education, health care, media and leisure affect their own and others’ lives.

Sociology offers insights into the causes of social problems and effective strategies to address them, facilitating students’ abilities to identify and analyze the causes and consequences of problems and to contribute to their resolution. A sociology minor is especially useful for people who desire to work with people in fields such as: civil rights, criminal justice, education, health care, human services, journalism, law, politics, psychology, social work, and youth development.

The sociology program provides students at Springfield College with a hands-on educational experience. The courses offered helped me grow both personally and professionally, and provided me with knowledge about the community that surrounds the campus. The Springfield College campus as a whole has a desire to help others that is contagious and cannot be ignored. Sarah Mullins ’12, Social Worker, Department of Children and Families, Springfield, Mass.
Sarah Mullins
Studying Sociology At Springfield College