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About the Club Volleyball Team (Women)

The Club Women's Volleyball Team competes in the Northeast Women's Volleyball Club League. They will travel throughout New England and attend tournaments with a chance to attend nationals. The team practices two to three times a week.

Meet the Team



Mac Fornili (Captain & Vice President)

Hometown: Lorton, Virginia

Major: History

Position: OH/DS

Fun Fact: I have an extra rib

Samantha Kinney (President)

Hometown: Middletown, CT

Major: Elementary Education

Position: Libero/DS

Fun Fact: I figure-skated for 8 years.

Casey Lambert (Captain & Secretary)

Hometown: Barrington, RI

Major: Applied Exercise Science
Position: Setter

Fun Fact: I love skiing. 

Elizabeth Casinelli (Social Media)

Hometown: Shelton, CT

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Position: Pin Hitter

Fun Fact: I played football for 7 years.

Elsie Phillips

Hometown: Granby, Connecticut

Major: Elementary Education and Special Education

Position: Middle Blocker

Fun Fact: I have 5 siblings.

Zoe Farmakopoulos

Hometown: Ossining, NY

Major: Early childhood education

Position: Opp.

Fun Fact: I have a dog named Dude.


Mariela V. Perez Colon 

Hometown: Caguas, PR

Major: Applied Exercise Science 

Position: Opp. 
Fun Fact: I can write with my left hand.

Eva Katz

Hometown: Nanuet, NY

Major: Occupational Therapy

Position: Setter

Fun Fact: I know happy birthday in polish.

Abby Jones

Hometown: Bristol, CT 

Major: Physical Therapy 

Position: Libero

Fun Fact: I'm an only sibling.

Jill Apanell

Hometown: South Deerfield, MA

Major: Physical Therapy

Position: MB

Fun Fact: My dog's name is Sassy.

Abby Shannon

Hometown: Windsor, CT

Major: Athletic Training

Position: RS

Fun Fact: I’m related to Dolly Parton.


Samantha Baker

Hometown: South Deerfield, MA

Major: Physician Assistant

Position: RS/OH

Fun Fact: I have never broken or sprained anything.

Brooke Beneway

Hometown: Danbury CT

Major: Social Work

Position: Middle

Fun Fact: I also play soccer.

Jasmyn Roark-Somersall

Hometown: Pittsfield, MA

Major: Therapeutic Recreation (minor Psych)

Position: Libero

Fun Fact: I have 7 cats.

Emma Sullivan

Hometown: Danbury, CT

Major: Health Science

Position: Libero/DS

Fun Fact: Can drive a stick shift.

Lily Rodda

Hometown: Pittstown, NY

Major: PA

Position: Middle

Fun Fact: I have double-jointed elbows.

Erin Chadbourne

Hometown: Portland, ME

Major: Physical Therapy

Position: Setter

Fun Fact: I can juggle.

Elaina Brathwaite

Hometown: Windsor, CT

Major: Psychology

Position: Outside

Fun Fact: I have light brown eyes.

Tess McDevitt                       

Hometown: Pepperell, MA

Major: Applied Exercise Science

Position: Setter/RS

Fun Fact: I’ve never had a headache.

Dominique Mickey

Hometown: Springfield MA

Major: Undeclared

Position: Outside hitter

Fun Fact: I have 6 siblings. 


Pamela Diaz

Hometown: Lancaster, MA

Major: Criminal Justice

Position: Opposite hitter

Fun Fact: I’m from the Dominican Republic


Katherine Calderón

Hometown: Clinton MA

Major: Health Science 

Position: Outside 

Fun Fact: I do photography on the side @kats._.kamera