Want to connect with other graduate students?

Get involved with the Graduate Student Organization (GSO), a student-run group designed to represent and serve the graduate students of Springfield College.

Graduate Students in Classroom

In representation of the graduate class, the GSO identifies and protects the rights and interests of graduate students as a liaison to Springfield College administration. In service to the graduate class, the GSO creates and facilitates both academic and social cocurricular activities to enhance the experiences of graduate students at Springfield College.

The GSO office is located in CU 203 of the Flynn Campus Union. Individuals interested in discussing programming for graduate students are welcome top stop by.


The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) represents all graduate students enrolled at Springfield College. All Springfield College graduate students who pay the required student activities fee are members of the GSO. As a member of the GSO, graduate students are allowed to take advantage of GSO services and participate in GSO activities. All members of the GSO are also eligible to serve as an officer of the GSO and may serve on any GSO committee.

Contact the GSO with any questions, comments, concerns, or requests at gso@springfieldcollege.edu.