Student Testimonials | Springfield College

Whatever your reasoning to seek help, the Counseling Center is an essential resource for many Springfield College students. Here are some of the recent testimonials that students have given when asked for their feedback in regards to the Center. 



“I came to the counseling center during one of the most difficult transitional periods of my life. From my previous experience with counseling I had incredibly strong doubts about it. My counselor opened a whole new world for me. I told my counselor things I never imagined telling another human and they were understanding and ready to find opportunities to improve my life. No matter what I was dealing with, my counselor remained positive, took the time to listen to me and always left me feeling entirely different, at ease and ready to succeed.”


“This was my first experience going to counseling and I could not be happier with the counselor and experience I have had. I am looking forward to starting up again next semester.”


“I was extremely shy and hated talking about my feelings. My first few sessions were extremely difficult for me and I didn’t say much. However my counselor was extremely understanding and always made me feel comfortable no matter how much I talked.  The counseling center has really helped to turn my life around.”


“Counselors are dedicated to students and can always find the time which is so important when life is so unpredictable.”


“As a graduate student, I juggle many different aspects of life on a daily basis and very rarely have time for myself. Through the work that I do, my main concerns are often for other people and I spend a great deal of my time giving to others. The hour a week that I spend at the Counseling Center is vital to my health and wellness and often, one of the best parts of my week. The counselor that I have specifically been working with has made me feel heard more than any other person has in my lifetime. I cannot say enough good things about all the counselors and staff members working in the center. Without them, I believe many of the students at the university would suffer in silence and may not have the opportunity to have someone on their side, not only supporting them through their toughest times, but celebrating their triumphs with them as well. The counseling center has helped me a great deal in my time at Springfield College, and I am extremely appreciative of them.”


“As a student studying in the mental health field, seeking counseling was absolutely essential for me to function in a healthy way. To me it was as important as exercising and proper hygiene. I highly recommend it to anyone!”