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Pride Cares

Pride Cares is a campus initiative--created with intention--that draws from the Humanics philosophy and uses a peer-to-peer model to engage and support students who may be experiencing a mental health challenge. The mission is to equip volunteer students with skills surrounding non-judgemental language and empathetic listening while acting in a caring manner to assist their peers in need. Students participate in 6 hours of training to equip them with information to better understand mental health (depression, anxiety, substance use, etc.), but more importantly, to recognize warning signs and learn how to connect with their peers in need of assistance.

Mental Health Promotion services are collaborative and designed to address emotional well-being.

Project Connect

Project Connect

Although surrounded by others, college can be a lonely time. It can be hard to develop new friendships on a deeper level. Or maybe you have made friends but want to build better relationships with them. Project Connect is designed to help you build friendships, connection, and community by engaging in structured conversation and activities with a small group of students. Each Project Connect group will meet 5 times with a peer facilitator and engage in activities to help you build those relationships you want. It's designed to be fun!

You can sign up alone or sign up with a few friends! 

If you want to sign up, have questions, or want to learn more, please contact the Office of Health Promotion at 413-748-3089 or email us at

Managing Stress

It is commonly known that stress can be both a positive as well as a negative influence in our lives. When stress becomes overwhelming, many people have a repertoire of activities they do in an attempt to keep their stress levels manageable. You may find that you need different activities at different times. Exercising, talking to friends or family, taking a nap, watching a favorite TV show, meditating, participating in a favorite hobby, having a good laugh; the list is endless.


  • Springfield College Counseling Center
    Massasoit Hall, Main Floor
    The Counseling Center provides free and confidential mental health services
  • The Counseling Center also has an excellent set of resources – in our community, online, and more! – for you to check out