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Advance Your Vermont DOC Work with a Springfield College Degree

There are a number of reasons to consider our programs as a Vermont DOC employee:
  • Receive up to a $5,000 Vermont DOC Partner Grant for any bachelor’s or master’s degree at any regional or online campus. 

  • Receive up to a $10,000 Vermont DOC Partner Grant for any bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, or Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) degree at the main campus.

  • Earn your degree quickly—saving you time and money.

  • Choose the degree focused on impacting lives and communities.

  • Earn undergraduate credit from your Vermont DOC training and work/life experience at a regional or online campus.

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Earn undergraduate academic credit for relevant training, such as:

Vermont Corrections Academy - 6 weeks; 320 hours

CRIM 205

Corrections 3 credits

SPCO 199

PLA Training 6 credits


Total: 9 credits
Vermont DOC Partner Grant

Vermont DOC employees enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs at Springfield College are eligible to receive up to a $5,000 or $10,000 partner grant. This grant has been established by Springfield College to support Vermont DOC members being educated for leadership in service to others. Students must provide employment information to confirm their eligibility. 

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