Springfield College and the YMCA have shared a unique partnership since 1885.
YMCA Club at Springfield College
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Stitzer YMCA Center
Springfield College is home to the YMCA Hall of Fame. History begins at Springfield College.
Springfield College YMCA Official Seal

Nearly 130 years of partnership is part of the history and legacy that connects Springfield College and the YMCA. The two organizations have enjoyed a strong connection that dates back to the establishment of the College in 1885, then known as the School for Christian Workers.

Today, the bond is stronger than ever. As Springfield College and the YMCA have continued to grow, so too have the offers connected with their partnership. The College provides a YMCA professional studies program for undergraduate students, as well as an executive master’s program through its School of Professional and Continuing Studies, designed to prepare senior YMCA executives to lead their organizations to creative change.

The partnership between Springfield College and the YMCA is so strong that it’s here, on the campus in Judd Gymnasia, that the YMCA Hall of Fame calls home.

Throughout the years, hundreds of YMCA professionals and volunteers have graduated from Springfield College. They continue to lead and serve within their communities following the guiding principals of the Humanics philosophy of educating students in spirit, mind, and body for leadership in service to others.