SC Alert* is the Springfield College emergency notification system.

With it, the College can send emergency notifications straight to your phone. As a Springfield College student, you are automatically enrolled in this service; faculty and staff are, too. However, we encourage you to frequently log in to the system using your PrideNET ID and password to check and/or update your information. That way, we’ll be able to reach you in an emergency situation—wherever you are.

In addition to SC Alert, we encourage you to download the Rave Guardian app, which transforms mobile phones into personal safety devices. With this app, you can create a virtual safety network, immediately connect with public safety, and even submit anonymous tips that can help keep the College safe.

Download the app for an Android device. Download the app for an Apple device.

Together, SC Alert and the Rave Guardian app can help us do what matters most: keep you safe.

Manage your account.

*Springfield College has contracted the emergency notification system company Rave Mobile Safety to provide SC Alert. The service is free. (Standard text messaging rates may apply.) SC Alert will not be used to distribute advertising or other unsolicited content, nor will it be used to communicate routine notifications; the service is for emergency contact purposes only. All other emergency notifications, including delays or closings due to inclement weather, can be found here.