Sign Up for SC Alert

Welcome to SC Alert, the Springfield College emergency notification system.

SC Alert is where the College sends emergency notifications to your mobile or smart phones and e-mail addresses.

Safety continues to be the highest priority of Springfield College. The College has contracted with the emergency notification system company Rave Mobile Safety to provide the service, which enables students, faculty, and staff to be notified via text message, email, or phone call in the event of an emergency or a security alert.

The system enhances and improves the College’s existing campus communications to effectively send time-sensitive information—wherever you are. SC ALERT will be used only for emergency contact purposes. SC ALERT will not be used to distribute advertising or other unsolicited content and will not be used to communicate routine notifications.

Subscribers to SC ALERT will pay no fees for the service, other than any regular fees associated with text messaging services by your provider. Springfield College has already signed you up for SC Alert. Use the links below to manage your account and update your current SC Alert contact information.