Name & Synopsis Contact Info Photo
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Law Enforcement and Terrorism
  • Violence and Victimization
  • Occupational Stress and Mental Health Issues
  • Criminal Law
  • Constitutional Law
Gary Berte
Professor of American Studies, Chair of Department of Social Sciences
  • U.S. religion
  • U.S. politics
Thomas Carty
Administrative Assistant for the Department of Social Sciences
Professor of Sociology
  • Race, gender, and sexual orientation
  • Media, sport, and social movements
Laurel Davis-Delano
Assistant Professor of History
  • 19th-century American history
  • American Civil War and reconstruction
  • American immigration and ethnic history
Ian Delahanty Headshot
Associate Professor of History
Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Globalization
  • Families
  • Gender
Susan Joel
Professor of Social Sciences, Pre-law Advisor
Daniel Russell
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Community-Based Corrections
  • Environmental Justice
  • Race and Crime
  • Massachusetts Criminal Justice System
Francesca Spina