The Academic Support Programs and Services working group was tasked with conducting a comprehensive review of all types of academic support available to all Springfield College students. Moving forward, it is vital that the College’s academic support services provided by staff and faculty are designed to empower students to achieve academic excellence and are effective in achieving future goals of academic success.


The group found that expanding flexibility of services will benefit students, as it will allow Springfield College to meet the unique needs of each student. With careful planning and collaboration, our academic support programs can be improved to help students in new ways to ensure that we are living up to our Humanics philosophy: to support our students, holistically, in ‘spirit, mind and body,’ so that all of our students know they are part of our community and feel that their unique needs are provided for and anticipated. It is a selective program designed to enhance each participant’s overall college experience.


The group recommends that a task force be established to explore the integration of student support services between the Academic Success Center and PCS student support services, as well as to examine the integration of Learning Support Services across all departments and schools at Springfield College.