The College has made a priority to promote academic excellence through its quality programs, engaged and innovative faculty, and collaborative learning environment. In order to effectively enhance and protect the Springfield College reputation as an international leader in higher education, to advance and strengthen its brand, and to encourage community engagement, the College, through its Office of Communications, supports the continuous discovery and implementation of new and effective communication and research tools to define key messaging and to engage and motivate internal and external audiences.

The development and execution of integrated marketing and communications programs and research tools that help achieve the College’s overall target enrollment for a diverse, high-quality student body and student success are ongoing. An emphasis on our mission since 1885 is a top priority in all communications. Continuous development of a highly creative, innovative, and accurate website that supports and assures execution of the College’s strategic communications goals, and one that allows for continuous feedback, is the focus of a new Web Development strategic plan. Emphasizing the user experience while assuring a competitive stance in the market will be prioritized through the evaluation, maintenance, and measurement of a high standard of performance.