Goal 1 : Demonstrates knowledge, techniques, and applications of basic art materials (three dimensional, two dimensional and digital media) and how to exhibit them.

  • SLO 1 : Students will learn foundational skills of visual arts, including but not limited to, drawing, design, painting, and three-dimensional applications.
  • SLO 2 : Students will develop proficiency of studio is to exhibit in galleries and non-traditional presentations of artwork.
  • SLO 3 : Students will exhibit cumulative artwork in the senior show.

Goal 2 : Demonstrates the ability to work with groups and individuals using art or displaying art.

  • SLO 4 : Students will engage the SC community using art as a catalyst
  • SLO 5 : Students will engage in community settings (such as a private organization in Springfield) related to art making or exhibition.
  • SLO 6 : Students will engage in art-making alongside a professional specializing in educational or therapeutic uses of art.

Goal 3 : Develop a basic historic understanding of the methods and theoretical practices of art therapy and its impact on the client population.

  • SLO 7 : Students will learn the historical development and the current trends of art therapy
  • SLO 8 : Students will learn how artmaking can benefit people across the lifespan.
  • SLO 9 : Students will participate in fieldwork or practicum experiences to learn how methods are applied towards specific client experiences by professional art therapists.

Goal 4 : Student has an understanding of current art therapy methodology as it applies to the educational, and ethical standards of the profession, demonstrating preparation for graduate training.

  • SLO 10 : Students will learn the foundational understanding of multicultural awareness that art therapists encounter in practice.
  • SLO 11 : Students will understand how art therapists apply ethical principles, the standards of practice.
  • SLO 12 : Students will demonstrate readiness for graduate work in art therapy when they have successfully presented their completed portfolio in a public venue (capstone).