Goal 1 : Media Literacy

  • SLO 1 Attain news literacy: an ability to identify valid and invalid news sources, and to recognize deeply reported, accurate, well attributed, and verifiable news in both conventional media and social media.
  • SLO 2 : Apply conventions of journalism (AP Style, FCC regulations, and SPJ Code of Ethics) in all platforms.

Goal 2 : Multimedia proficiency

  • SLO 3 : Exhibit reporting, storytelling, and technical skills worthy of internships and/or entry level professional positions in at least two of the following platforms: print, TV/video, radio/audio, internet.
  • SLO 4 : Evaluate and select appropriate sources for reporting and presenting facts across media.

Goal 3 : Critical Thinking

  • SLO 5 : Accurately and critically edit one’s own writing
  • SLO 6 : Synthesize various sources of information needed to communicate effectively through multimedia content.