Goal 1 : Critical Thinking and Intellectual Independence

  • SLO 1 : Demonstrate the ability to write, read, speak, and think critically, interpretively, creatively, and empathetically about a variety of texts across various periods and genres
  • SLO 2 : Demonstrate the ability to independently devise, develop, and complete analytical and research-based projects using appropriate research methodologies and conventions for citing sources (e.g. APA or MLA)

Goal 2 : Written and Verbal Communication Skills

  • SLO 3 : Demonstrate the ability to critically reflect on one’s own writing
  • SLO 4 : Demonstrate the ability to write in a range of genres for a variety of purposes suitable for specific audiences
  • SLO 5 : Demonstrate knowledge of conventions of grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and usage

Goal 3 : Breadth and Depth of Content Knowledge

  • SLO 6 : Demonstrate an understanding of key methodologies and critical terminology in the study of literature and writing
  • SLO 7 : Demonstrate an understanding of how forms and genres (both rhetorical/compositional and literary) arise from specific contexts