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Athletic Counseling Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Graduates will have a knowledge base in athletic counseling.

  • SLO 1: Students will be able to identify, integrate, and evaluate research and information from various sources related to athletic counseling and psychology
  • SLO 2: Students will demonstrate technological literacy pertaining to athletic counseling information

Goal 2: Graduates will demonstrate competence in athletic counseling.

  • SLO 3: Students will be able to develop and evaluate athletic counseling interventions.
  • SLO 4: Students will demonstrate an understanding of and ability to implement counseling skills and performance enhancement skills.
  • SLO 5: Students will demonstrate an understanding of and participate in ongoing personal development

Goal 3: Graduates will demonstrate foundational athletic counseling attitudes.

  • SLO 6: Students will demonstrate sociocultural and international awareness.
  • SLO 7: Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  • SLO 8: Students will demonstrate the ability to evaluate, integrate, and apply ethics and values in athletic counseling.